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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: August 3, 1870

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Leaking Out
(Column 01)
Summary: Launches another attack on Republicans, charging them with blatant corruption. This time quotes from a Republican senator disgusted at his fellow Republicans for sustaining unnecessary officers on public money. Asks the people how long they will submit to such theft and fraud.
Full Text of Article:

Radical extravagance is proverbial. A comparison of the expenditures of the National Government under Radical Administrations with those under the old Democratic administrations, is absolutely frightful. The people have been taxed to an almost intolerable degree to raise money to satisfy the greed of Radical officials. In numberless ways, the people's money has been squandered. This has been charged, time and again, by Democratic journals, but the answer has always been that these charges originated in partisan malignity.

What is true of the National Government has been equally true of the State Government. The Legislature of our own State for the last ten years have not hesitated to spend the people's money in the most prodigal manner. They have increased the burden of State taxation without diminishing the State debt. This has been done too, under lofty pretences of liquidating the indebtedness of the Common wealth.

Democratic journals have attempted to enlighten the people in relation to this also, but their warnings and utterances have been unheeded. Now, however, a little of the truth is being developed. An acknowledgment of a portion of this extravagance has been written by a Radical pen, and, of course the writer must be believed.

Hon. James L. Graham,, State Senator from Allegheny County, has lately been bitterly assailed at home. His record has been vehemently attacked with the evident purpose to defeat him in the Radical convention. Mr. Graham has written an able letter explanatory of his record, in which we find the following remarkable admission: "Again, when the proposition to pay twenty-seven unnecessary officers, employed without authority of law, was before the Senate in the Appropriation bill, but one Republican Senator stood with me to the last and voted against it, although we were surrounded and importuned by Senators and offices to vote for it, until refusal to do so required the highest type of moral courage." Here is a Radical Senator who deliberately admits that the Radical majority in the Senate of this State voted away the people's money to pay twenty-seven unnecessary officers. This was done simply to accommodate politicians who insisted on having some particular friends "taken care of" at the public expense.

And he not only says that these officers were "unnecessary," but that they were "employed without authority of law." Was there ever an admission more damaging to any party? So determined were the majority to thus swindle the people, so heavy was the pressure brought upon this Senator by the representatives of the "party of great moral ideas," that he declares "it required the highest type of moral courage" to refuse to accede to their wishes. Surely after this the Radical party needs no arraignment at the hands of the Democracy. A Radical Senator, who writes that which he knows, has laid bare this iniquity, and there is no room for a denial. Will not the people interest themselves in these matters which concern them so materially? Are they willing to submit to taxation year after year for the purpose of fattening hungry office-seekers and office holders who are ever ready to fill their own pockets out of the public crib, all the while consoling themselves with the thought that Pennsylvania is a rich Commonwealth and that her people can stand a large amount of stealing? If they are tired of this system of wholesale plunder, let them turn their backs on the Radical party, and aid us in electing men who will be true to their constituents, and rigidly honest in the appropriation of the public monies.

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[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: The Presbyterian Church at Orrstown will undergo improvements and repairs.
[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: The Cardiff Giant was on exhibition in Chambersburg last week.
[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: John Light will make a balloon ascension from Shippensburg on Thursday.
(Names in announcement: John Light)
[No Title]
(Column 02)
Summary: An effort is underway to form a band in Chambersburg "made up exclusively" of African Americans.
[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: D. K. and J. C. Wagner will publish a daily paper at the Red Barn M. E. Camp Meeting entitled Camp Journal.
(Names in announcement: D. K. Wagner, J. C. Wagner)
[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: W. U. Brewer of the Chambersburg Bar delivered an address on Charles Dickens before the State Normal School in Millersville.
(Names in announcement: W. U. Brewer)
Sunday School Pic-Nic
(Column 01)
Summary: The children and friends of the Central Presbyterian Church enjoyed a pic-nic in Kennedy's Woods near Chambersburg. A thunder storm cut the fun short.
Odd Fellows Pic-Nic
(Column 01)
Summary: Columbus Lodge, Odd Fellows, held a picnic at Brown's Mill. The Silver Cornet Band entertained the guests.
[No Title]
(Column 02)
Summary: Prof. J. H. Shumaker of Chambersburg's "Aeolian Circle" will provide music for the annual meeting of the Pennsylvania State Teachers' Association.
(Names in announcement: Prof. J. H. Shumaker)
Pastoral Visit
(Column 02)
Summary: The Rev. W. M. Paxton of the First Presbyterian Church, New York City, preached last Sunday at the Presbyterian Church, Greencastle. 19 years ago he was named pastor of that church.
(Names in announcement: Rev. W. M. Paxton)
A Steam Fire Engine
(Column 02)
Summary: The paper calls for the town father to stop spending money on "cutting down little hillocks that are in nobody's way" and instead purchase a steam fire engine. "If a great fire should break out in this Borough, what chance would there be for saving property with our present inefficient apparatus?"
Damages Awarded
(Column 02)
Summary: Lists the names of people who were reimbursed for damages on their lands from the Southern Pennsylvania Railroad.
(Names in announcement: David Teeter, Henry Etter, Jacob Lamaster, Abram Keefer, Abraham Hess, John Gsell, Joseph Bowman, Mary Ann Bowman, John Sites, Abraham Lesher, Samuel Frederick)
Full Text of Article:

The viewers appointed to assess the damages to certain owners of land along the line of the Southern Pennsylvania Railroad, performed the work assigned to them on Wednesday and Thursday of last week. The reports as filed in the Prothonotary's office show the following awards: to David Teeter, $700, Henry Etter $600, Jacob Lamaster $708.50, Abram Keefer (of S.) $1,227.25, Abraham Hess $1,000, John Gaell $838, Joseph and Mary Ann Bowman $200, John Sites $116.57, Abraham Lesher $918.70, Heirs of Samuel Frederick deceased, $2000.

We have not yet heard whether these awards are satisfactory to the land owners or not. We presume it likely that some of them will consider these amounts inadequate and take out appeals. If so, the damages will have to be settled by jury trials.

Omnibus to the College
(Column 02)
Summary: The paper reports that a large number of citizens support the editors' suggestion for establishment of an omnibus line to Wilson College. Most citizens believe the cost should be less, however. The paper supports lower prices, but argues that it will depend upon the number of students using the omnibus.
Sudden Death
(Column 03)
Summary: Capt. John Dick, well known to many Franklin citizens, died suddenly at his residence at the Hollywell Paper Mills. He was 78 years old. "He was for a long time a resident of Southampton township, then of Hamilton, and for the last few years he has lived in Guilford. He was a gentleman of unexceptionable character." He will be buried in the Catholic graveyard.
(Names in announcement: Capt. John Dick)
(Column 04)
Summary: Names the delegates elected from each township in Franklin County.
(Names in announcement: William M'Lellan, John R. Orr, P. Henry Peiffer, Martin Ludwig, Thomas Cook, W. S. Stenger, J. Newton Shillito, Alexander Martin, Christian Frederick, H. C. Koontz, William Bossert, John C. Tritle, Samuel Reisher, Samuel Gillan, Frederick Gelwicks, Albertus Hicks, John A. Sellers, Jacob Hockersmith, George W. McCleary, William Logue, James A. Cook, Daniel Thompson, Emanuel Monn, Michael L. Stine, Jacob R. Smith, Col. B. F. Winger, Col. B. Dietrich, Milton A. Empich, Christian Whitmer, John Stotler, Cadwalader Keesecker, Henry Dysert, Alex Clugston, Joseph Overcash, William Reed, J. W. Kuhn, Jacob Elliott, George M. Stenger, Andrew Burgess, John Smith, Jacob Hamsher, Joseph Booz, Josiah Etter, Col. James B. Orr, Houston McCullough, Charles Mahon, J. V. B. Leedy, Jonathan West, George Heller, Solomon Shaffer, Josiah McDowell, Charles Ditzler, Joseph Clugston)
Full Text of Article:

The delegates to the Democratic Convention on Thursday from the North Ward of this Borough are Messrs. Wm. M'Lellan, John R. Orr, P. Henry Peiffer, Martin Ludwig and Thomas Cook.

From the South Ward they are W.S. Stenger, J. Newton Shillito, Alexander Martin, Christian Frederick and H. C. Koontz.

From Hamilton township they are Wm. Bossert, John C. Tritle, Samuel Reisher and Samuel Gillan.

From St. Thomas, they are Frederick Gelwicks, Albertus Hicks, John A. Sellers, Jacob Hockersmith.

From Quincy, they are George W. McCleary, Wm. Logue, James A. Cook, Daniel Thompson, Emanuel Monn.

From Antrim they are Michael L. Stine, Jacob R. Smith, Col. B.F. Winger, Col. B. Dietrich, Milton A. Empich, Christian Whitmer and John Stotler.

From Guilford they are Cadwalader Keesecker, Henry Dysert, Alex. Clugston and Joseph Overcash.

From Welsh Run they are Wm. Reed, J.W. Kuhn and Jacob Elliott.

From Loudon they are Geo. M. Stenger, Andrew Burgess and John Smith.

From Southampton they are Jacob Hamsher, Joseph Booz and Josiah Etter.

From Orrstown they are Col. James B. Orr, Houston McCullough and Charles Mahon.

From Strasburg they are J.V.B. Leedy, Jonathan West, George Heller and Solomon Shaffer.

From Greenvillage they are Josiah McDowell, Charles Ditzler and Joseph Clugston.

Not Represented
(Column 04)
Summary: Observes how the Republicans kept their black supporters off the ballot and in the back of their conventions, speculates this was done on the assumption that blacks were promised offices in the next election if Republicans won this one. Says this will not happen because Democrats will win.
Full Text of Article:

A good deal of strategy was practised by our Radical friends in relation to their delegate elections. By dint of persuasion, eloquent and monetary, they succeeded in keeping the negroes from putting in an appearance at their meetings. We are informed that it was a little difficult to effect this arrangement. Several of the "cullud gemmen" felt like insisting upon their rights, but the manipulators swore it would not do and the negroes were obliged to take back seats. They are, therefore, not represented in the Convention. The white Radicals will form a ticket and drive the blacks to its support like so many dumb cattle. They will vote them in scores, the swearing being done by the wholesale.

We take it for granted that as the negroes agreed not to attend the delegate meetings, they do not intend to insist on having any of their color nominated for office at this time. This is, doubtless, with the understanding that if the Radical party is successful in carrying the County this Fall, the negroes are to have their share of the offices at the next election. The Radical leaders will make all sorts of promises to insure their success. They are in a terrible fright at the daily accessions to the Democracy on account of the fanaticism about the negro, and they feared the effect of intimate association with the blacks at the coming election. They have, on this account, shrewdly made a bargain with the negroes to keep shady, to do nothing but vote, and look forward to a better time in the future.

But this dodge will not avail them, or prevent an overwhelming defeat. The white people are thoroughly awake, and intend to elect the whole Democratic ticket.

(Column 05)
Summary: Jeremiah A. Longenecker of Cumberland County and Miss Rebecca Burkholder of Guilford, Franklin County, were married on July 21st at the parsonage by the Rev. A. H. Sherts.
(Names in announcement: Jeremiah A. Longenecker, Rebecca Burkholder, Rev. A. H. Sherts)
(Column 05)
Summary: Alice Minerva Heney, daughter of Daniel and Catharine Heney, died on July 24th. She was 6 months old. She was interred in the Lutheran graveyard in Fayetteville.
(Names in announcement: Alice Minerva Heney, Daniel Heney, Catharine Heney)

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