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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: August 17, 1870

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(Column 01)
Summary: The Lutheran Congregation of Loudon is holding a festival this weekend.
[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: Rev. M. Valentine, President of Pennsylvania College, preached in the Lutheran Church of Chambersburg last Sunday.
(Names in announcement: Rev. M. Valentine)
[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: J. G. Schaff and J. P. Bishop will preach near Greencastle in the grove of Samuel Snively on August 21st. The subject will be "the Judgement and the afternoon Hell."
(Names in announcement: J. G. Schaff, J. P. Bishop, Samuel Snively)
Wilson College
(Column 01)
Summary: The work on Wilson College's new building is progressing rapidly. It should be ready for the opening of the school in the fall.
The Grasshoppers
(Column 01)
Summary: Grasshoppers have been destroying crops in Franklin County for the past five weeks. Jeremiah Zollinger and Jacob Kauffman each lost an entire field of oats. They are now attacking the clover crop and doing much damage.
(Column 01)
Summary: The following received licenses: Jacob L. Detrich to keep a restaurant in Greencastle; William C. McNulty to keep a wholesale liquor store in Chambersburg; Rice and Gordon to keep a restaurant in Chambersburg. The following applications were refused: James Snyder to wholesale liquor, and Scott Wolff for a restaurant in Mercersburg.
(Names in announcement: Jacob L. Detrich, William C. McNulty, Rice, Gordon, James Snyder, Scott Wolff)
The Census
(Column 01)
Summary: David H. Lesher completed a census of the South Ward and E. D. Reid is close to completing a census of the North Ward and Hamilton. The paper believes the results will show that Chambersburg residents have overestimated the population of the town. "The whole population, white and black, will not in our judgement exceed six thousand five hundred."
(Names in announcement: David H. Lesher, E. D. Reid)
Post-Office Salaries
(Column 02)
Summary: The salary for the Chambersburg Postmaster is fixed at $2400.
Admitted to the Bar
(Column 02)
Summary: Lewis W. Detrich, who studied law with Duncan and McGowan, has been admitted to the Chambersburg Bar on motion of J. W. Douglas.
(Names in announcement: Lewis W. Detrich, Duncan, McGowan, J. W. Douglas)
Death From Lockjaw
(Column 02)
Summary: George Logan, son of Thomas Logan, died of lockjaw after stepping on a nail. Dr. Boyle, Dr. Senseney, and Dr. Lane attempted to treat him but were unsuccessful.
(Names in announcement: George Logan, Thomas Logan, Dr. Boyle, Dr. Senseny, Dr. Lane)
Pennsylvania College
(Column 02)
Summary: The Rev. J. F. Probst, financial agent for the collection of funds for Pennsylvania College, is now in Chambersburg soliciting contributions. The appeal is made directly to the Lutheran Church for which the college is the main institution in the east. Money will go to paying debts that funded new building construction.
(Names in announcement: Rev. J. F. Probst)
Report of the Grand Jury
(Column 02)
Summary: Prints a report on conditions of the local poor house and jail. Finds the poor house in good shape but says the jail is in desperate need of repair and upkeep.
Full Text of Article:

Opinion of the Poor House and the Jail.--The following is the report of the Grand Jury which visited the Alms House and Jail last week:

The Grand Inquest of the County would make the following presentment:

They examined the Poor House property, which at present is under the immediate charge of Samuel Brandt and his efficient lady and they desire to express their highest approval of the condition of things there; the house is in most excellent order, the paupers are well cared for and under admirable treatment, and the farm is productive and in every way we find the institution all that it was intended to be.

We also examined the County Jail, and we regret to say that we can not record our approval of the administration of things there. The Jail itself is not calculated for the condition of things existing in our county; its construction and arrangement are very bad, and it may be that it is impossible for the turnkey, with the great number of persons confined, of both sexes, to administer the affairs with that judgment and prudence that is required in such an institution. We find the persons confined, of all sorts, mingling together, the baser with those that still have some remains of virtue, and the County Jail a den of evil. The Jail yard has been turned into a pigsty, and is consequently in a most filthy condition. The internal management of the Jail is considerably better, according to the means at hand, and we believe it is scarcely possible for the officer in charge, as matters stand, to do much better. One of the great evils that we find is the constant idleness of the inmates--many of them large, able men and women accustomed to labor, who have been there for months, and during that time have had no employment whatever. They have done nothing towards paying the expenses of the Jail and their own keeping, and if we are to judge from the general result of idleness, among the class confined, the Jail of the County would be the worst place in it.

In our judgment a new jail is imperatively necessary, and we recommend to the County Commissioners to build a new one as speedily as possible, adapted to the wants of the County, with the modern improvements--one that will enable the Court to confine persons in comfortable quarters, with the sexes separate, and give employment to all--containing cells, if it be deemed proper, for the punishment of prisoners by solitary confinement.

[No Title]
(Column 03)
Summary: Prints the results of a study done by a reverend to calculate the number of bibles people in Chambersburg have and how many were donated by local organizations. Divides the results between the white and black populations.
Full Text of Article:

The Result of the exploration of Chambersburg by Rev. F. Dyson, the Agent of the Franklin County Bible Society, is as follows:

Number of families visited, white 1131 Number of families visited, colored 202 -----1333 Number of families destitute of a bible, white 38 Number of families destitute of a bible colored 80 ------118 Church members, white 2263 Church members, colored 234 -----2437 Sabbath school children and teachers, white 1952 Sabbath school children and teachers, colored 180 -----2132 Families none of which are members of any church, white 175 Families none of which are members of any church, colored 59 --------234 Bibles donated to Boyd's Hotel 15 Bibles donated to Keefers Hotel 12 Bibles donated to Jail 12 To destitute families, white 35 To destitute families, colored 64 To destitute individuals 6 Amount received on Bibles $3.50 Amount received as donations $42.95

The population of Chambersburg, as taken by the Agent in his work, is a follows:

White 5254 Colored 738 ------5992

The average to the family is as follows: white 4.65 hundredths; colored 3.65 hundredths.

A Centenarian
(Column 03)
Summary: Mrs. Mary M. McDade died at Greencastle after reaching the age of 102. The Rev. Thomas T. Everett gave the funeral address. "She was by common consent respected and beloved as a christian, and in all her relations as a woman, a wife, a mother, a neighbor, and a friend." Her father fought in the war for Independence, and Mary was allegedly once spoke to George Washington as he passed through the area. She had five children with her husband John McDade, who passed away in 1804. Only one child survives--John McDade, age 70.
(Names in announcement: Mary M. McDade, Rev. Thomas T. Everett, John McDade)
The County Fair
(Column 03)
Summary: The paper announces plans for the Franklin County Fair to be held in October. Improvements have been made to the grounds and a large number of prizes will be awarded.
Court Proceedings
(Column 03)
Summary: Covers the county court cases and verdicts. Most of the cases were criminal cases, including larceny, rape, Surety of the Peace, etc.
(Names in announcement: Samuel Rohrer, Harriet A. Mackey, Mordecai McMahon, Robert Palmer, John Swingler, Harry Jones, Samuel Stumbaugh, Henry Cordell, Peter Lenhart, George Brown, Harry Jones, Mary Ellen Swingler, John Swingler, Rebecca Lane, Sarah Ramsey, Ida Carroll, Charles Stevenson, Ann Williams, Mary Jane Lotsbaugh, H. E. Spellman, Rev. I. N. Hays, John Kimple, Samuel Stokes, Hugh Larman, George Dingler, Abraham Seldenstricker, Horace Little, David B. Little, Emanuel Hess, Michael Fallon, Joseph Knepper, Charles Weitzell, John Smith, H. Forrest, George Coldsmith, William McNeal, William Davis, Mary Snider, Dr. John L. Blair, Michael Miller, John King, John Murphy, Albert McDonough, William Huber, Frank Elliott, Clayton Philips, James Nuce, Francis Helman, C. B. McCune, Susanah Moaty, Catharine Baker, Jackson Wolfkill, Samuel Hartman, Ann Tarman, David Unger, D. B. Hade, George Burger, Peter Dorty, Joseph Arbegast, S. R. Boyd, Jacob Spoonhour, Crawford Kauffman, Henry Kauffman, Daniel Barnhart, Daniel Row, Samuel Brooks, Eli Little, Rebecca Lane, Abram Saylor, Daniel Row, W. C. Corbett, M. S. Minters, Daniel Baker, George Brook, William Parker, Frank Yeager, John Anderson, George Londenslager, Samuel Wingerd, Hugh Armstrong, James Laferty, Emanuel Kuhn, Alexander Lewis, Mary Naugle, H. A. Fisher, John Embly, Thomas Shearer, Annie Weisgarber, Philip Florich, Emanuel Staver, George F. Embly, Jerusha Williams, Daniel Ward, Conrad Gubler)
Full Text of Article:

The whole week was taken up with the trial of criminal cases. There were one hundred cases on the calendar. The following were disposed of.

Com. vs. Samuel Rohrer--Assault and Battery with intent to ravish. Harriet A. Mackey, Prosecutrix. Verdict guilty. Sentenced to three years imprisonment in the Eastern Penitentiary.

Com. vs. Mordecai McMahon--Charge of stealing the horse of Daniel Palmer on the night of the 25th of June last. We gave an account of this case in our columns at the time of its occurrence. The horse was taken from the yard of the Indian Queen Hotel in this borough. It was found in possession of the defendant at Fairfield, Adams County, Pa. The defence was that the man was laboring under the influence of mania a pota. He is a blacksmith from Altoona who is in the habit of getting on periodical sprees. The horse was taken on a Saturday night. On the Tuesday previous he had come to this borough and on Tuesday night he was in a raving delirium at the National hotel. On Wednesday morning he left the hotel, and was about the town tolerably "soggy" until Saturday evening when he left, taking Mr. Palmer's horse with him. He was arrested on the next day (Sunday) and taken to the Gettysburg jail from whence he was brought to this jail on the Tuesday following. On Tuesday night he had an attack of mania a pota which continued four or five days. The defence contended that he was under the influence of mania a pota all the time that he had been in Chambersburg. The Jury thought so too, and rendered a verdict of not guilty.

Com. vs. John Swingler--Surety of the Peace. Harry Jones, Prosecutor. Case dismissed and the costs divided equally between prosecutor and defendant.

Com. vs. Samuel Stumbaugh--Surety of the Peace. Henry Cordell, Prosecutor. Complaint dismissed, defendant to pay costs.

Com. vs. Peter Lenhart--Assault on Frederick Lenhart. Verdict guilty. Before sentence could be passed, the defendant quietly left the Court room and his recognizance and that of his bail were forfeited.

Com. vs. George Brown--Surety of the Peace. Charlotte Stoner, Prosecutrix. Dismissed at the cost of the Prosecutrix.

Com. vs. Harry Jones--Fornication. Verdict guilty. Sentenced to pay $1 and costs.

Same vs. Same--Fornication. Verdict guilty. Sentenced to pay a fine of $10 and costs.

Com. vs. Mary Ellen Swingler--Adultery committed with Harry Jones. The testimony was that the parties were caught in the act by the husband and two other persons, and the husband was with difficulty restrained from shooting Jones. He did chastize his wife severely, and out of that fact grew the case of the

Com. vs. John Swingler for Assault and Battery on his wife. To this charge defendant pleaded guilty, and was fined $1 and the costs.

Com. vs. Rebecca Lane, Com. vs. Sarah Ramsey, Com. vs. Ida Carroll and Com. vs. Charles Stevenson, were four cases of Surety of the Peace brought by Ann Williams, and all were dismissed at her costs.

Com. vs. Mary Jane Lotsbaugh--Procuring goods by false pretences. About the 20th of June last this Defendant went to the Dry Goods Store of J.P. Keefer & Co., and to the Shoe Store of H.E. Spellman and procured goods to the amount of about twelve dollars, by means of two orders purporting to have been signed by the wife of Rev. I.N. Hays. There were two bills of indictment to which she pleaded guilty.--She was sentenced to the County jail for three months.

Com. vs. John Kimple--Charge of forging the orders passed by Mary J. Lotsbaugh to J.P. Keefer & Co., and H.E. Spellman. Mary J. Lotsbaugh was the Prosecutrix.--She swore that Kimple had written them, giving the time and place. A letter was produced which she admitted she had written which was very similar to the handwriting in the orders. From this fact, and the additional fact conclusively established by the defence that the Defendant could not write at all, the District Attorney abandoned the case and a verdict of not guilty was at once rendered.

Com. vs. Samuel Stokes--Larceny. This was a charge of stealing a $20 U.S. Government bill from a letter. It turned out that the bill was a counterfeit and therefore valueless, and a verdict of not guilty was rendered.

Com. vs. Hugh Larman--Assault and Battery on George Dingler. Defendant pleaded guilty, and was fined one dollar and costs.

Com. vs. Abraham Seldenstricker--Surety of the Peace. Horace Little Prosecutor. Defendant sentenced to pay costs.

Com. vs. David B. Little--Surety of the Peace. A. Seldenstricker, Prosecutor. Case dismissed at the cost of the Prosecutor.

Com.vs. Mrs. David B. Little--Surety of the Peace. A. Seldenstricker, Prosecutor. Case dismissed at the cost of the Prosecutor.

Com. vs. Horace Little--Surety of the Peace. A. Seldenstricker, Prosecutor. Case dismissed at the cost of Prosecutor.

Com. vs. Emanuel Hess--Assault and Battery. Michael Fallon, Prosecutor. Defendant pleaded guilty, and was fined $10 and costs.

Com. vs. Joseph Knepper--Fornication and Bastardy. Defendant pleaded guilty. Sentenced to pay $15 lying in expenses and 75 cts. per week for seven years.

Com.vs. Robert Palmer--Surety of the Peace. Charles Weitzell, Prosecutor. Defendant held in $100 to keep the peace and sentenced to pay costs.

Com. vs. John Smith--Larceny. H. Forrest, Prosecutor. Sentenced to 3 months imprisonment in County jail.

Com. vs. George Coldsmith--Cutting timber, trees. Wm. McNeal, Prosecutor. Verdict not guilty, but defendant to pay costs.

Com. vs. Wm. Davis--Rape. This defendant was charged with having violated the person of a little girl named Mary Snider about the month of January, 1866. The girl is a sister of the prisoner's wife and was at that time nine years of age. The prisoner was living in Montgomery township and was out in the woods cutting timber. The little girl went out on an errand having been sent by the prisoner's wife, and when she arrived there was seized by this ruffian and outraged. She went home and told her sister and in about three weeks after, when taken to her mother's house, who lived in Maryland, communicated the intelligence to her mother. The criminal was a perfect desperado, and the whole family as well as the community, were in constant terror on account of him. Davis left this State soon after this occurrence and assisted in robbing the Express Office at Cherry Run, Maryland, for which he was obliged to leave that State. He has been swinging backward and forward between Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania ever since. Last fall, his brother Henry attacked Dr. John L. Blair, of Mercersburg, on some public road at night and robbed him. The Dr. got on the track of the scoundrel, followed him to Juniata county, arrested him, and took him to Haggerstown where he was tried for some grave offence and sentenced to six years imprisonment in the Penitentiary. William Davis then swore vengeance on the Doctor. Knowing his character well, the Doctor determined to arrest him also and bring him to justice. He made the effort and succeeded. He took him to Haggerstown also, but the Grand Jury ignored the bill which was sent in against him. He was then brought here on a requisition for trial for the offence of rape. The result was a verdict of guilty, and the Court sentenced him to twelve years imprisonment in the Eastern Penitentiary.

Com. vs. Michael Miller--convicted at April Sessions of selling liquor on Sunday. Sentenced to pay a fine of $10 and costs, and to imprisonment in county jail for ten days.

Cases in which a nolle prosequi was entered with leave of Court.

Com. vs. John King et. al. Riot; same vs. John Murphy, Malicious Mischief; same vs. Albert McDonough two cases of Larceny; same vs. Wm Huber, Surety of the Peace; same vs. Frank Elliott, selling at auction without license; Same vs. Clayton Philips, Perjury; same vs. James Nuce Malicious Mischief; same vs. Francis Helman, Fornication and Bastardy; same vs. C.B. McCune, Fornication and Bastardy; same vs. Susanah Moaty, Assault and Battery; same vs Catharine Baker, Surety of the Peace; same vs. Jackson Wolfkill, Fornication and Bastardy; same vs. Samuel Hartman, Fornication and Bastardy; same vs Ann Tarman, Surety of the Peace; same vs. David Unger; same vs D. B. Hade; same vs. George Burger; same vs. Peter Dorty, Huckstering without license.

Bills Ignored

Com. vs. Joseph Arbegast; same vs. S.R. Boyd and Jacob Spoonhour; same vs Crawford Kauffman and Henry Kauffman; same vs. Daniel Barnhart: same vs. Daniel Row; same vs. Samuel Brooks; same vs. Eli Little; same vs. Rebecca Lane et al.; same vs. Abram Saylor; same vs. Daniel Row et al.; same vs. W.C. Corbett; same vs. M.S. Minters, Larceny; same vs. Daniel Baker, Larceny; same vs. George Brook Assault and Battery; same vs. M.G. Minters, Selling Liquors to Minors; same vs. Wm. Parker, Larceny; same vs Frank Yeager, Larceny; same vs. John Anderson Assault and Battery, same vs. George Loudensinger, Assault and Battery; same vs. Samuel Wingerd et al. Malicious Mischief; same vs Hugh Armstrong, Assault and Battery; same vs. James Laferty, Fornication and Bastardy; same vs. Emanuel Kuhn, Assault and Battery: same vs. Alexander Lewis, Assault and Battery; same vs. Mary Naugle, Larceny; same vs. H.A. Gisher, Assault and Battery; same vs. same. Assault and Battery; same vs. John Embly et al., Assault and Battery; same vs. Thos. Shearer et al., Riot and Assault and Battery; same vs. same, Riot and Assault and Battery; same vs. Annie Weisgarber and Philip Florich, Conspiracy; same vs. Emanuel Staver, Surety of the Peace; Same vs. Geo F. Embly, Assault and Battery; same vs. Jerusha Williams, Assault same vs. Daniel Ward, Surety of the Peace, Conrad Gubler Prosecutor; same vs. Conrad Gubler, Surety of the Peace, Daniel Ward, Prosecutor. The last two were cross actions, and as neither of the defendants appeared, the recognizances of both and their bail were forfeited.

(Column 06)
Summary: Mary Catharine Keefer, daughter of John and Mary Keefer, died in Chambersburg on August 13th. He was 8 months old.
(Names in announcement: Mary Catharine Keefer, John Keefer, Mary Keefer)
(Column 06)
Summary: Ira Tripner Ritter, son of John and Annie Ritter, died on August 6th. He was ten months old.
(Names in announcement: Ira Tripner Ritter, John Ritter, Annie Ritter)
(Column 06)
Summary: Annie Davison died of dyptheria on August 13th. She was 5 years old.
(Names in announcement: Annie Davison)

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