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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: November 9, 1870

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(Column 01)
Summary: The Rev. Dr. Kieffer has moved to Greencastle and taken up pastoral duties as minister of the town's Reformed Church.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Dr. Kieffer)
Going to Virginia
(Column 01)
Summary: The Rev. S. N. Callender, late pastor of the Reformed Church in Greencastle, purchased a farm in Rockingham County, Virginia, for $6000. He has been in ill health and hopes to recover by making the move to the Shenandoah Valley.
(Names in announcement: Rev. S. N. Callender)
Shooting Affair in Dry Run
(Column 01)
Summary: A young man named Winfield Walker was shot in the vicinity of the house of John Hammond on Halloween night. "The young folks were celebrating Hallow Eve by throwing corn against the doors and indulging in similar boyish freaks." When the group approached the Hammond house, shots were fired that struck Walker. He is in critical condition. It is not known if the shots were meant to frighten the boys or to harm them.
(Names in announcement: Winfield Walker, John Hammond)
An Interesting Lecture
(Column 01)
Summary: The Rev. A. A. Willits of Philadelphia will deliver a lecture in Repository Hall on December 2nd entitled, "Sunshine, or the Philosophy of a Happy Life." The event is sponsored by the Franklin County Horticultural Society and the proceeds will go toward raising funds to host the state organization in Chambersburg.
Death of Alex Armstrong
(Column 02)
Summary: Alexander Armstrong, brother of John Armstrong of Chambersburg, died in Hagerstown on October 29th. He was 73 years old. The notice is accompanied by an obituary attesting to his importance as a leading citizen of Hagerstown.
(Names in announcement: Alexander Armstrong, John Armstrong)
Court Proceedings
(Column 02)
Summary: Covers a session of the county court, briefly describing cases and verdicts. Mostly civil cases.
(Names in announcement: D. W. Rowe, S. M. Seylar, Smith, F. W. McNaughton, J. C. Carson, Shepler, Clark, D. S. Reisher, A. McElwaine, Wilson, Christian Stouffer, John Bean, Will Hinkle, Christian Hinkle, Susan Hinkle, Mary Yous, George Cook, Hamman, Morrow, Flickinger, Stickel, Eyster)
Full Text of Article:

The following civil causes were disposed of during the second week of October Term--Hon. D.W. Rowe presiding:

Seylar vs. Smith, McNaughton, and Carson's Executors. Action of Ejectment to recover the possession of a tract of land situated in Peters township containing 8 acres, and having erected thereon a brick dwelling, foundry and blacksmith and plough shops. This property known as the "Gap Foundry Property" formerly owned by B.& S. M. Seylar was purchased by J.C. Carson and F.W. McNaughton at Sheriff's sale in January 1863. The plaintiff alleges that Carson prevented competition in bidding at the Sheriff's sale by stating that he was buying the property for the use of the said Seylar. Verdict for Defendants.

Shepler, Clark & Co., vs. D.S. Reisher. Appeal by Defendant for Judgment of A. McElwaine, Esq., for $86.21. Verdict for Plaintiff $61.69.

Wilson and wife vs. Christian Stouffer, John Bean and eleven others. Action of ejectment for a tract of land in Washington township, containing 152 acres. During the trial the Plaintiffs relinquished their claim to all but 79 acres, thus releasing all of the Defendants but Stouffer and Bean.

Plaintiffs claimed title under a devise in the Will of Christian Binkle of the land in dispute to Mrs. Wilson, who was his (Hinkle's) daughter. Defendants claimed title under deeds from Mrs. Susan Hinkle--mother of Christian Hinkle--she claiming by adverse possession for twenty-one years. Verdict for Defendants.

Mary Yous vs. Geo. Cook. Action of debt founded on note under seal for $306.16, dated April 4th, 1853. Mr. Cook was surety on the note and alleged that by reason of an agreement between the Plaintiff and the principal in the note, he was released from his responsibility as surety. Verdict for Plaintiff for $390.40.

Commonwealth for the use of D.S. Reisher vs. Hammen and others. Action of debt on official bond. Verdict for Commonwealth for $1,000. Damages awarded to Reisher, $57.47.

Morrow & Flickinger vs. The Lurgan Mutual Insurance Company. Action of debt on policy of insurance for $2,000.--Judgment confessed in favor of Plaintiff $1,390 and costs.

Stickel vs. Eyster. Scire Facias on Mechanic's Lieu. On trial.

The remaining cases on the trial list were continued.

Proceedings of Convention of I. O. G. T., Held at Chambersburg, PA., on the 25th, 26th and 27th of October, 1870
(Column 03)
Summary: The paper prints proceedings of a meeting of the I. O. G. T. They discussed the best ways of disseminating temperance politics in the state of Pennsylvania.
(Names in announcement: Rev. E. W. Kirby, Rev. D. Townsend, Wolfe, Sheets, Sloan, Dr. N. Schlosser, Bamford, Bear, Rev. E. W. Kirby, Rev. D. Townsend, S. B. Chase, E. W. Kirby, Tipton, Appler, Ditzler, Russel, Rev. A. W. Crawford, Thomas Roberts, John Donahue)
(Column 05)
Summary: Albert Weaver and Miss Mary C. Shoemaker, both of Franklin, were married near Roxbury on November 1st at the house of Samuel Gabler by the Rev. John Lloyd.
(Names in announcement: Albert Weaver, Mary C. Shoemaker, Samuel Gabler, Rev. John Lloyd)
(Column 05)
Summary: William S. Kelley and Miss Catharine Kelley, both of Carrick, were married on November 1st at the house of Eliza Kelley by William Noonan.
(Names in announcement: William S. Kelley, Catharine Kelley, Eliza Kelley, William Noonan)
(Column 05)
Summary: David V. Craig and Miss Louisa Reese, daughter of Jacob Reese, all of Franklin, were married on October 20th at the house of the bride's father by the Rev. C. Startzman.
(Names in announcement: David V. Craig, Louisa Reese, Jacob Reese, Rev. C. Startzman)
(Column 05)
Summary: David Ziegler of Cumberland County and Miss Annie C. Hartman of Chambersburg were married on November 3rd by the Rev. G. Roth.
(Names in announcement: David Ziegler, Annie C. Hartman, Rev. G. Roth)
(Column 05)
Summary: Lucy Douglas Wyeth, daughter of John Wyeth, died in Chambersburg on November 6th.
(Names in announcement: Lucy Douglas Wyeth, John Wyeth)

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