Records Related to Augusta County Regiments

From: WM. RUSSELL, Jr., Assistant Adjutant-Gen.
May 2, 1865.

Union Assistant Adjutant William Russell writes General Isaac Duval in May, 1865, to order him to march to Staunton, VA. Russell orders Duval to parole all Confederate soldiers there according to the terms Grant gave Lee at Appomattox, and to arrest any who refuse to surrender.

Brig. Gen. I. H. DUVAL,
Cmdg. First Brigade, Fourth Provisional Division:

May 2, 1865.


In pursuance of orders from headquarters Middle Military Division, the commanding general directs that you move with your command, expecting the Thirteenth West Virginia Infantry, with twenty-five days' rations in wagons and three days' rations in haversacks, on the morning of the 4th instant, as soon after daylight as possible, for Staunton, Va., for the purpose of paroling such officers and men of the so-called C. S. Army who may wish to avail themselves of the terms granted by Gen. Grant to Gen. Lee, of bringing in as prisoners of war all you may be able to capture who refuse to surrender, and of administering the oath of allegiance to such as may wish to take it.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

Assistant Adjutant-Gen.

Bibliographic Information : Letter Reproduced from The War of The Rebellion: Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Series 1, Volume 46, Serial No. 97, Pages 1072, Broadfoot Publishing Company, Wilmington, NC, 1997.

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