Records Related to Augusta County Regiments

From: L. L. LOMAX, Maj.-Gen.
February 15, 1865.

Confederate General L. L. Lomax writes to General Jubal Early in February, 1865, to inform him that he is sending Colonel Dunn to Staunton for trial after Dunn attempted to detach his men from Lomax's command.

Lieut.-Gen. EARLY,
Cmdg. Valley District:


February 15, 1865.


I received a letter from Gen. Jackson this evening, in which he states that Lieut.-Col. Dunn has assumed command of the Thirty- seventh Battalion, has ordered it to Gayton, and states that it is detached from my command. Col. Dunn is under grave charges, and I have ordered him to Staunton for trial. You know the character of this officer and the object he has in view. I wish you would write to Gen. Lee on the subject, if you think proper, and protest against this order. I have ordered the Thirty-seventh to Alleghany City. Rosser states that Jackson's brigade has been ordered to report to him to form a part of his division. This is my best brigade, and I hope if I am to lose a portion of my command that I be allowed to select the brigade. I inclose letters from Jackson and Claiborne. Please communicate with me at Hanover Junction, that I may take steps to protect myself. If my command is to be broken up without consulting me, I had better leave it. As soon as I can I will see Gen. Lee on the subject. I feel confident that it is not your wish to deprive me of my command. I do not believe it will be for the interests of the service to take Jackson's brigade and the Thirty-seventh from my division.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Bibliographic Information : Letter Reproduced from The War of The Rebellion: Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Series 1, Volume 46, Serial No. 96, Pages 1234-1235, Broadfoot Publishing Company, Wilmington, NC, 1997.

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