Records Related to Augusta County Regiments

From: C. H. MORGAN, Brig.-Gen. of Volunteers.
June 5, 1865.

After the Confederate surrender, Union troops occupied important towns in the South. In this June, 1865, letter, Union General Charles Morgan writes General Emory that General Isaac Duval's brigade has been relieved from duty at Staunton.

Brevet Maj.-Gen. EMORY,
Cmdg. Department of West Virginia, Cumberland, Md.:

June 5, 1865.

The prisoners you have are to be retained at Cumberland for the present, or where they are. Your aide returns with information. Duval's brigade is ordered to be relieved from Staunton and will report to you. It will be two or three weeks before it arrives.

Brig.-Gen. of Volunteers.

Bibliographic Information : Letter Reproduced from The War of The Rebellion: Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Series 1, Volume 46, Serial No. 97, Pages 1256, Broadfoot Publishing Company, Wilmington, NC, 1997.

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