Records Related to Augusta County Regiments

From: W. S. HANCOCK, Maj.-Gen.
March 3, 1865. (Received 4.40 p.m.)

Union General Winfield Scott Hancock reports to Chief of Staff Henry Halleck on Confederate troop locations provided by a deserter from the Staunton area in March, 1865.

Maj.-Gen. HALLECK,
Chief of Staff:


March 3, 1865.
(Received 4.40 p.m.)

A deserter came into the lines this morning who left camp near Fishersville between Waynesborough and Staunton a week ago Wednesday. He is a conscript two weeks in service; says there are two small brigades there, Wharton's being one. He came up on the mountains; saw Sheridan's force at Mount Jackson about noon on Tuesday; saw nothing else but disbanded cavalry.


Bibliographic Information : Letter Reproduced from The War of The Rebellion: Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Series 1, Volume 46, Serial No. 96, Pages 819, Broadfoot Publishing Company, Wilmington, NC, 1997.

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