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Augusta County: William H. Dunlap to Elizabeth Rife, May 12, 1861

William H. Dunlap writes to his sister Elizabeth Reife to tell her that his company will march to Harpers Ferry on Tuesday and that he may not see her again. He also tells of other soldiers visits home and watch duty.

May the 12 1861

My Dear sister

I seat myself this morning to let you know that I am well and we were ordered yesterday evening to be in reddyness to march to Harpersferry on Tusday for the purpose to be in reddyness to take harpersferry we came here on fryday we hav ban injoying our selves verry well sence we hav ben here most all of the company is gon home to bid there friends good bye & sum of the company dont mind hit atall & there is not miny ever expects to see Staunton after Tusday & as for my fare I never

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expect to see you nor here of you any more & I hav ben on guard last too nights and I am so sleepey that I can't wright

So that is all I hav to say at this time

So I will wright next Sunday if I can & So that is all at present excuse bad wrighting and spelling So Good By for now and for ever

William. H. Dunlap

To Mrs Eliazbeth Reife

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