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Augusta County: N. K. Trout to Alfred Chapman, [?] 1868

N. K. Trout writes a friend about legal matters and busy life.

[illeg.] [illeg.] 1868

My dear friend:

I am just at home after an absence of more than afortnight & hence my [illeg.] : The fish are here and are of the best. We thank you.

Miss Burkes wants you to act as her attorney. And desires you to [unclear: send] in the [unclear: heceform] papers & she will formally execute them. I suppose there is no other difficulty than finding some [unclear: evidence] of the death of her husband in the [deleted: ] of [unclear: U.S.]

[unclear: S. Keen] desires to return to Nevadah next week & would like to know what is the chance of his [illeg.] before leaving -- so write at once.

I have another matter to send you in a few days. I am now hurried to death in [illeg.] & great fair being both going [unclear: on]. Why are you not here? It is (the fair) a complete [deleted: ].

I wish I had time to say more, but hurried

Your love

N K Trout

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