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Augusta County: N. K. Trout to Alfred Chapman, March 5, 1869

N. K. Trout writes about the troubles he is experiencing in attempting to be restored or reinstated to the Union. His nomination is being blocked for personal and political reasons.

Friday morning March 5th 1869

My dear Sir:

I am in receipt of your kind letter. I will avail myself of your [unclear: generous]. & I feel, very efficient will in securing to me my restoration. I suppose none of the bills passed at the late session, although I have not yet heard, and it may be [illeg.] to renew the application at once. & I beg if you think so, that you will [unclear: put] me in the Docket for earliest action, as also the name of Dr. Stribling

My original application was made more than [unclear: five] months ago instance of the military authorities of this state. & I believe this Dr S of [illeg.] [illeg.] were of the earlier problems from this quarters. They were warmly recommended by [unclear: Gen ] [illeg.]. I understand & [unclear: forwarded] by him, but having no "engineer" in Washington, they were probally "pigeon holed". Some months ago I had them renewed, they were recommended by [unclear: Genl] Mumford, Wickham, Mr [unclear: Steams] & others, leading Republicans of Richmond. & presented by Senetor Willey, and since then in the lower house in several shapes. - My name was put on a house bill in the Senate with others & in that way was sent back and has I fear perished.

There is opposition to me before the Richmond

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Committee, I understand. The reason assyned is that I was nominated to preside by Col [unclear: Fontenius'] friends at the late R.R. meeting. That by accepting the nomination I put myself in opposition with Republicans who were for Gen Wickham. This is an assigned reason & Gen Wickham condemns it, and is one of my best friends. I have reason to believe that the opposition is in part from this place. Mr [unclear: Fullz] is chairman of Republican committee - to be [illeg.] & apprehends if I get eligible I may be in his way. Curse him! I dont want it. I refused it twice from Mr. Pierpont. Another enemy is Mr. Ally Gene Bowden the reason he will not give but certain records missing the rolls in Richmond will show. I was chairman of a joint Committee of the Legislature to visit Wmsburg & investigate abuses in the Lunatic Asylum. His family were deeply implicated. [unclear: He] was promised that when his brother was a candidate for the Legislature he (the Ally) offered the offices & interests of the institution to those who [unclear: meld] vote for his brother - & the result was that those who did not so vote were either themselves or their friends who had places turned out, this was the testimony. He appeared before the Committee afterwards & moved to have the testimony offering him stricken out because he was not a party to the record. & I overruled his motion- was sustained by a unanimous vote. & he ceased to speak to me. & now wants his revenge.

Your Hus.

N K Trout

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