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Augusta County: N. K. Trout to Alfred Chapman, March 2, 1869

N. K. Trout write Alfred Chapman requesting help for a widow and personal trouble he having with the state legislature.

March 2nd '69


My dear Sir:

[unclear: Our] widow Mrs [unclear: Banuiis] is growing impatient about her government clearance, and comes to see me frequently. I hope you are in a few days of getting it through- my [unclear: recalls] him is that the only proof required was that of the surgens of the command to which her husband belonged. Give it a push, Sen-

I observe that you are getting restored by congress to your lost estate. I congratulate you. Mine has been on the way- [unclear: but] I apprehend has been or will be stricken off, as I have opposition here in Mr Falk, and in Richmond since radicals who dont like my legislative causes, especially one with whom I have a difficulty, (Mr Attorney General [unclear: Bruvilles]) [unclear: who'll] a long as Chairman of the Committee's investigation a matter in which himself & family were rather unhandsomely implicated. I should like to get [illeg.] in I have [illeg.] a start- and if you have a way to help me I would

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like you to do so.- My name was with Lt. [unclear: Stuhlings] [illeg.] did is an amendment to the house bill first sent up by the senate. I fear it is too late for this session.

I was glad to hear from you all through Ellan hope a better and brighter day is coming to us.

[unclear: Never Shortly]

I am, as ever
Your friend

NK Trout

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