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Augusta County: N. K. Trout to Alfred Chapman, April 2, 1869

N. K. Trout writes Alfred Chapman about an important meeting in Washington that he will have to miss because of arthritis and a previous commitment to attend a hearing.

April 2 1869

Staunton Va

My dear Sir

I had a telegram from Richmond last night asking me and some of the [deleted: ] to be in Washington before the Reconstruction Committee Saturday morning at [unclear: 10 O'clock]. It was from Mr [unclear: Slectues]. I cannot possibly go, because first, I have a right [illeg.] touchy Rheumatism in my left foot which somewhat lames me & secondly, I am bound to be in Harrisonburg early next week to attend the taking of important testimony in a case in which I am an [illeg.]; and I cannot control the time as the other party is taking them.

I expect the meeting will be an important one & you may feel [deleted: ] in being present and may do us some good.

The prospect of public offenders getting through [unclear: grows] more [illeg.] .

Yours true

NK Trout

A Chapman

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