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Augusta County: N. K. Trout to Alfred Chapman, March 28, 1869

N. K. Trout discusses stocks, dividends, and debts with Alfred Chapman.

March 28 1869


My dear Sir:

I should have written you sooner in regard to that suit, but have been waiting to find out something satisfactory.

[unclear: Eskindger], cashier sayd your note was [unclear: survived] at the rate of one percent, a nice gauye when it is know that many of the stockholders have not paid for their stock except by their notes renewable at 12 percent & are getting about 15 percent dividends. I can hear of no such order as the one said to have been given by Gen. Wilson, Bank inspector. That suits should be brought on all [unclear: protested] notes at once: - he merely counted as Banks have always done bills and [unclear: protested] as part of the assetts of the Bank, he had no [unclear: business] taking buy and the reports available [deleted: ] and did not [unclear: even] have I am sure, no business in making such an order or suggestion. There will be a [unclear: ] in the notes at the May County Club, & the counsel will I have no doubt send the execution [unclear: ] you. They have no excess of indulgence, and the lover of a [unclear: fes], as you

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say is ruling passion with them and then one of them may apprehend that he might have something to pay & notwithstanding the singular fact that he has sued himself, his clients apprehending I [unclear: presume] that the debt was no longer, he will doubtless advise his colleagues in opposition to them only as delegate counel not to send out an execution against himself, but enough of his every wants his [deleted: ] + opposition in such matters.

[unclear: Mayor] [illeg.] informs me that our money has been sent here by Mr. Macon, and say that your note can be renewed [illeg.] payment of one + I suppose [illeg.]

Judge Fultz [illeg.] last evening [illeg.] [illeg.] [illeg.] to Amherst Court. We were Monday [illeg.] officers--a [unclear: blank] [unclear: prevented]--to day the county is overrun with the [deleted: ] issue--so we go.

I received yours [illeg.] [illeg.] [illeg.] [illeg.] [illeg.]

Your friend

N. K. Trout

A Chapman

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