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Augusta County: N. K. Trout to Alfred Chapman, March 30, 1869

N. K. Trout provides Alfred Chapman with the details of a particular case and comments upon Judge Sheffey and Judge Fultz. He also asks Chapman about the claim of a soldier's widow.

March 30 1869


My dear friend

I have your letter. I regret I did not answer you as freely on the subject of that suit as you desired. I now send you the statement_ I cannot think of the proceeding with its surroundings without getting excited, but it is over now. the deed is done. If 15[illeg.] is a sufficient reward for such unkindness-almost [unclear: undeserved]-let it be [illeg.]

We have nothing astir here. I handed your letter to Judge Sheffey Judge Fultz strides as stately as a Prince since the judicial robes have fallen on him-- [unclear: Bennette] + Ryan are inoffice under the style + name of Cline + Sons. no change is observed except in the [illeg.] to [deleted: ]

I am as ever
Yours Truly

Have you done anything for our widow's soldiers claim? How is an old [illeg.] [illeg.] soldier is dead intestate [illeg.]?

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