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Augusta County: N. K. Trout to Alfred Chapman, January 4, 1869

N. K. Trout asks Alfred Chapman about a woman's claim. He also inquires about Chapman's Christmas and New Year.

Jany 4. 69


My dear Sir

I am at a loss to know why I have not heard from you - since nothing has occurred to disturb our good relations - if there has let me know what it is that I may set myself right in your esteem. I do not know that I should have made the suggestion in disturbance had I not had a dream a few nights ago. (It is an [deleted: ] occupation [unclear: to such reason] + I do not credit

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that they have any thing in them.) in which I imagine that you charged me with having wronged you_ I pray that it is nothing but a dream.

I am annoyed by a certain woman concerning her pension claim - have you ever arrived at a point when it will be necessary for her to communicate with you - Let me know - I sent you the matter to make the

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most you could for yourself in compensation - intending the whole pay for you.

I hope you have had a merry Christmas. + that the New Year has opened on you full of good prospect_ I am pressed with business having [illeg.], I [unclear: fear]. [illeg.] did my office I absented myself at Norfolk. [illeg.] [illeg.] [illeg.]

I often think of yours + wish that "all is well with you in every way.

I know of no news of interest all our friends are well - the day opens like spring - Remember me [unclear: fondly] to all

I am as ever
Your friend

N. K. Trout

A. Chapman

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