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Augusta County: N. K. Trout to Alfred Chapman, October 2, 1868

N. K. Trout questions Alfred Chapman on several claims. He also requests that Chapman make several purchase on his behalf.

Oct 2d 1868


My dear Sir

Why your long silence? I wrote you some [unclear: minute] ago a second letter in regard to claim of widow Edward Barker - but have had no answer - I said that she marked her power of attorney to [illeg.] [illeg.] + desired you to act + to send in the necessary blank + she would promptly execute it_ Do so now if still necessary_ Are you making any progress in the matter_ She is an anxious + [illeg.] vidder

Mr Skeen of Nevada is in my office + desires to procure pay + [unclear: bounty] land

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land for services of James Mateer in 1855 in Indian Mordick war_ he went from California in Capt Ben. Wrights company died in 1857_ + his heirs ([illeg.]) say he did not get his [illeg.] + pay- Skeen is a brother in law + was in some services + got his [illeg.]_ I have a letter of attorney to obtain matters_ Can you find whether his claim is satisfied_ If not can it be [illeg.] [illeg.] [illeg.]

I saw Cousin Mary a few days ago, dining with us - She is herself again + has abandoned her contemplated visit to Springs.

When will you be this way?

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I wish you would buy me a half [illeg.] (a full one if you think best) of good family [unclear: herring] - all [illeg.] of your wholesale [illeg.] of [illeg.]_ I do not want the most [deleted: ], but good ones of at [illeg.]. [illeg.] [illeg.] [illeg.] to draw [illeg.] [illeg.], or you draw in his farms.

Give my love to the girls and believing to be [illeg.]

Your friend

N. K. Trout

A. Chapman

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