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Augusta County: James B. McCutchan to His Cousin, July 27, 1862

McCutchan's letter talks about his bad cold, the new preacher in camp, and refers to several friends and family members. The letter also makes reference to the fact that he has been charged with informing on his cousin, James R. McCutchan, but the details are not made clear.

July 27 1862

Camp Near Gordonsville

Dear Cousin

This is Sunday and I don't know how I can [illeg.] myself more pleasantly than in writing you a short letter, although I don't feel much in a humor of writing or doing anything else, I have a bad cold sore throat and headache, we had a short march yesterday left camp about 5 o'clock marched to Gordonsville a distance of 5 miles stayed there until nearly sundown then marched back to camp. we marched very fast for a while and got very warm and it rained on us before we got to camp. I got very wet and lying on the damp ground all night is what gave me such a cold. I don't think I have had the cold as bad for six months. The company is generly well some few are complaining. We have a very nice camp here in a beautiful grove. The Brigade is all together, have very good water for Eastern Va. We have a very good chaplain now, have preaching every Sunday and prayer meeting every night, Warden is his name, he is a very nice man and a good preacher. I met with [unclear: Mr.] Wheat at the spring today, would not have known

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him but heard him remark to another man that was with him that Lizzie was well and that Mrs. Buchanan is dead. I found out from that that he was from your neighborhood. I then made some enquiries about your mother, and found out who he was. Cousin Lizzies boy or yours I don't know which I was slightly acquainted with last winter. I had forgotten him. You said in your last letter that you had a message for me from an old acquaintance. I am very anxious to know who and what it was. I intend to have gone up to your neighborhood when I was at home but could not make it suit and so many of your [illeg.] was sick, I hope you will excuse me. I also hope you all have gotten well ere this. I suppose you are well and healthy by this time. I was surprised to see that you had grown so much but it had been some time since I had seen you. I would have liked very much to have had a chat with you but sircumstances would not permit. I might have gone to see you that evening but I am sorry to tell you that I was not there when I was at home nor did have any desire to go. I was charged with things that I am [illeg.] innosent of. I am sorry that it is so, but as

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it is so it may remain so far as I am conserned I shant trouble myself about it. I will tell you what it was. I was charged with informing on Ja's R which is entirely false. I did not write a letter to any one in the company while I was at home. I will drop it, will not be pleasant to you and I am shure it is not to me. I am sorry I did not comply with your wishes about kissing cousin Sue that is shurely a [illeg.] pleasant task. She is a particular friend of mine I had some nice times with her when I was at home. Oh! I wish this war was over so we all could return to our homes in peace. I think we will know how to appreciate it if it is ever [illeg.] it, which time I hope is not far distant. I will stop writing for the evening, probably will write some more in the morning if nothing happens to [unclear: prevent] it. I stopped wishing [illeg.] [illeg.] and went to preaching, heard as often did [illeg.] and heard a prear from from Gen' Jackson which was [illeg.] as good as I ever heard. I do think this is the best man I ever saw. how thankful we should be that he have such a General [illeg.] is a [illeg.] character.

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I must bring my letter to a close [illeg.] this very poor letter and answer soon. Direct to Gordonville. Give my love to all inquiring friends if there be any, receive a good portion for yourself.

Your true and Aff cousin

Ja's B. McCutchan

[in recipient's handwriting] Received
Saw Jim Buck last July 12, 1862
George Baylor was killed near
Gordonsville August 9th 1862
Jonnie Kerr died August 11th 1865 [deleted: ]

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