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Augusta County: James R. McCutchan to Rachel Ann McCutchan, March 21, 1864

McCutchan writes of his boredom in camp and their diminishing rations. He writes that he longs to "fight it out," instead of sitting around and waiting.

March 21st, 1864

Greenbrier County, Va.

Dear Rate,

I am determined that you shall not quarrel with me the next time I see you for not writing to you; though I am sure I have written several letters that you do not get, but I am determinded to comply with your wishes, while there is paper ink or pencils in the Confederacy - It is almost night; I have been busy to day - on review drilling +c. I just finished my dinner of bean-soup + biscuit.

Gen Breckenridge is here + I think if our rations get much less, Gen Starvation will be here also or Gen. "Skidaddle" to a quarter where there is more to eat. - Gran. + myself got here safely, but had a tiresome ride over bad roads.

I got a letter from you when I returned, + also one from Lydia + one from Cousin Mollie.

I'm getting awfully tired of this camp, I despise this inactivity. I am tired of the war - I wantto fight it out, + the sooner we begin this spring the better.

We had a grand sight here last night. The mountains around us were litteraly mountains of fire. It burned all round our cabins + what do you think we did - we just let it burn - I have to reduce myself to half a sheet as paper is scarse just at this time. We can buy nothing here now - nor can we, I suppose until the new money is issued - give my best love to all + write soon, assured that I will do the same.

Yours Affectionately

J. R. McCutchan

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