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Augusta County: James R. McCutchan to Rachel Ann McCutchan, September 22, 1864

McCutchan writes to his cousin of a skirmish with Federal troops and a narrow escape.

Thursday Morning Sept 22d 1864

Shenadoah Co Va Camp near Strausburg

Mss Rate,

As I am not on duty this morning I will drop you a few lines and give you some of the news we have had stiring times since we have been in Camp we got to camp 8 miles below Winchester last Friday evening on monday morning we met the enemy near Bruce Town they came up on 3 sides and nearly cut us off before we could get out they commenced fireing on us from 3 sides we had to fall back a good many of the brigade were wounded 2 young Shepherds were wounded one of them I think mortally John N. Wheat was badly wounded in the shoulder but I don't think it is dangerous I brought him off the field after riding a piece we overtook Fielden Templeton who came with us as soon as we found the doktor he dismounted

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to have his wound dressed but the Yanks pressed us so hard we had to mount and double quick John got verry sick I was afraid he would faint and fall off if he had the yanks would of gotten him for they were in sight of us after we passed through Winchester I thought he was safe we traveled nearly all night to keep a head of the army then could hardly do it for John was not able to ride fast the army fell back to Fishers Hill that night we got about 1 1/2 miles above Tuesday morning I turned back and joined the command I hope John will have luck to reach home safe when you write please let me know how he is. Risk Shewy must be captured his horse was shot in the leg we have not herd from him nor horse since the last time he was seen he was trying to lead his horse off the enemy were then close on our rear Glendy's horse was shot ded [last page missing]

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