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Augusta County: James H. Skinner to "Mr. Editor", February 17, 1863

Lieutenant Colonel Skinner of the 62nd Va. writes to the citizens of Staunton thanking them for their support and asking them for more supplies.

Mr. Editor

Feb. 17, 1863

62nd Va. Inf. Headquarters

Mr. Editor -

Permit me to acknowledge in your column the receipt of [unclear: article] of clothing, sent to this regiment by Mr. Albert [unclear: G.] Garber of donation for the Soldiers from Augusta. The bale included 12 pairs of socks, 12 pairs of pants, 8 blankets, 2 overcoats, 2 pair of shoes, and sundry articles of underclothing; all of which have been appropriately distributed, and have proved most acceptable.

The earnest patriotism of our county has been touchingly displayed in the generous aid she has extended to her soldiers in the field, and their families at home. These deeds of noble sympathy are eloquent in their encouragement, and warm the hearts while they shield the bodies of her sons. It gives me sincere pleasure to express, for the regiment, this grateful appreciation of this and other similar acts of kindness.

I will be pardoned for adding, that the exertions of our people on the behalf of the soldiers should suffer no relaxation: The supplies of clothing furnished by the government are not sufficient to secure the comfort of the army -- The regiment, in the matter of blankets and overcoats, in now quite well off, though a few of the men are yet without overcoats. Of socks, they have a good supply at present; and they may be said, in general, to be for the time very well clothed. They lack, however, in a good many instances, proper underclothing, and I find an increasing demand for pants. The want of shoes is that most felt. At least 70 pair are now requested for the comfort of the regiment. - The government has lately furnished - for the lack of leather no doubt - canvas shoes. The soles are good, and they would answer very admirably for summer wear, but it will readily appear how insufficient they must be at this season. I venture on those statements for the benefit of those who will gladly receive any hint, however trivial, which may serve as a guide to their good purposes.

Very respectfully,

Jas. H. Skinner

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