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Augusta County: Adam Wise Kersh to George P. Kersh, January 4, 1862

Kersh thanks his brother for the box of provisions from home. He also mentions several close encounters with Yankees near his camp.

George P. Kersh

January 4th, 1862

Camp Tip Top, Pocohontas County, VA

Dear Brother

I take this opportunity to inform you that I am well and hope these few lines may find you and all the balance at home enjoying the same blessing. Plecker and Craun arrived here on the 26th Dec. we were very glad to see them and hear from home especially when they handed out those nice boxes of provisions prepared for us by the good folks at home. I am very much obliged to you for the box you sent me. Tell Jane that I am very much obliged to her for those nice gloves she presented to me. also the envelopes blackberries apples and paper and other things she has sent me. We thought we were going to have a dry time during the holidays but it proved otherwise. Our boys have been in good spirits ever since those boxes arrived. We lost a man out of our Company on the 26th De by the name of Robert Gorden. We were guarding the trenches. five companies of us on the hill. we lay in some unfinished cabins. about daylight he got up to go out. he fell and struck his head against a log in the cabin. he lived about five minutes after he fell. it was thought the fall injured his brain some way. his skull was not fractured. we have lost three men out of our company now Martin L Bell Newton Hogshead and Gorden. we expected an attack here on the 3rd. the evening before fires were discovered down at Greenbrier. scouts were sent out and discovered Yankees camped there. the 44 regiment from crabbottom and Colonel goods regiment was ordered here from Strait Creek immediately. the 44 Colonel Scotts regiment arrived here about 2 0 clock in the night. Goods regiment from Strait Creek about 8 0 clock next morning but the yanks never come. So our regiment and the 12th Georgia were ordered down to Greenbrier. when we arrived there they had left. we seen where they camped at camp Barto and burnt some cabins and tried to destroy the fortifications there. it is thought that they come down of cheat for the last time to destroy what they could. Goods and Scotts regiments went back to day. we do not expect an attack hardly here now since we are fixed so well. I received your letter mailed the 18 on the 19th. your letters been coming very promptly. Our company is changed to F now. direct your letters Company F. Silas Jones is here. he belongs to the 31st regiment Captain Myers Company Highlanders. he sends you all his best respects. Frederick Craun is well. he went along to Greenbrier on the 3rd. the balance of my Messmates are well. five or six reported sick in our company but one serious Stephen D Elliot. they think he has got the fever. William H Fry has some Money he wishes to pay me. he says his wife will pay it over to you for me about one hundred dollars more or less and I want you to give it to Esq Fulton and fix it so I am safe if you can. it you cant fix it so I am safe dont take it. he has written a letter to you to the same affect. let me know if you can fix it or not. the weather here has been very favorable here for about three weeks or more. no snow of any consequence during this time. I believe this is all I have to write this time.

Yours Respectfully

AW Kersh

Ps Tell Mother that I was glad to hear that she was well and not to fret about me. our Mess have a good warm cabin to stay in and that I am well and in fine spirits A W Kersh

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