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Augusta County: Adam Wise Kersh to George P. Kersh, March 1, 1862

Kersh tells about a southerner who has turned to guiding Federal troops through his native Virginia.

George P. Kersh

March 1st, 1862

Camp Alleghehany, Pochohontas, VA

Dear Brother

Sir I and Fry received the letter you sent us on the 25th February and was glad to hear from you all at home. I would have answered you letter sooner but did not feel well enough. I have had the jaundice working on me for about eight days now which makes me feel very lowlifed and mean. they have come out on me now. I look about as yellow as a pumpkin. I feel better now since they have come out on me. You were speaking of reenlisting. I have not reenlisted yet nor none of our company have yet. it is a heap talk in the regiment about reenlisting. I have come to the conclusion to wait awhile and see how I get along with my first twelve months before I reenlist. As to the property Mother has left I have nothing to say one way or another. any way that suits you all will suit me. We had a false alarm here on the 22nd of Feb. about fifteen yanks and old slaten the Yankees pilot come up to Wilfongs about 12 o clock in the night and swore that the rebels would be driven out of camp in a few hours then went away and when they got out of sight Wilfong brought the news to camp. we were rousted out about half past one and waited with expectation till day but they never come. This man slaten lived about three miles from our camp is a union man and is well acquainted through all these mountains joined the army on cheat [Cheat Mountain] and is their pilot. General Johnson offered five hundred dollars and his freedom from Military duty to any man that would bring old slaten to him dead or alive. on the 27th we had another false alarm. we were ordered to the ditches about 8 o clock in the night. what caused this false alarm was two of our men went down the Greenbrier River road after whiskey. one got drunk. his companion got him as far back as he could thinking to get him back to camp but could not which detained him till after night. he lost his way come to the pickets. they fired on him taking him to be the Yankees. he fired five times at our pickets with a revolver in return. our pickets fell back to the next post at wilfongs. this man they took to be the Yankees come to wilfongs got his supper. Scouts were sent out to see if the Yankees were coming found this man at Wilfongs and he told them all about it. They put him in the guardhouse. I dont know what they will do with him. we stayed in the ditches about two hours. it was as cold as thunder two. then returned to our quarters.

Yours Respectfully

A W Kersh

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