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Augusta County: Adam Wise Kersh to George P. Kersh, April 10, 1862

Kersh provides news of mountaintop fortifications, bad weather, furloughs, and his anxiousness to fight the enemy.

George P. Kersh

April 10, 1862

Camp Shenendoah, Augusta County, VA

Dear Brother

I received you letter on the 10th and was glad to hear from you. We have fallen back to Shenandoah Mountain where we expect to stay a while. We left Camp Allegheny on the 2nd April. Marched to Monterey 17 mi. where we had good quarters in houses. Took up our line of March next morning. Marched to MC Dowels the distance of ten miles. arrived about 12 o clock took dinner and struck our tents. stayed there one day and a half. Saturday the 5th left MC Dowel. Marched to Shenandoah Mountain on this side th mountain in old Augusta where we expect to stay a while. our whole Brigade is camped here. Colonel Goods regiment from Huntersville and Colonel Scotts regiment from Fork watters are here. we have 12 pieces of canon on top of the Mountain. Just waiting for the Yankees. Captain Millers Andersons and Rices. I expect we will fortify here. it was a good many men detailed out of our regiment to day to go on top the Mountain to work at what I do not know yet as they have not returned yet. It has been very disagreeable here for a few days. on Monday last it commenced snowing and it has been snowing and sleeting ever since till to day. the sun shines occasionally. the snow was about four inches deep here. it dont go quite so well after coming out of good cabins. I was on picket last Monday the first time in Augusta. it was very disagreeable standing in the snow. we mist our shanties very much. two of our men was sent to the hospital at Augusta springs to day Christian Switzer and Patrick Loyd. Switzer took sick since we come here. it is thought that he has the Pneumonia. Loyd has been complaining for some time head ache and sore throat cold. We had favorable weather during our march and the roads were much better then I expected. we also had our knapsacks hauled which enabled us to get along pretty well. I suppose that if the Yankees should get too hard for you fellows down the valley that we will fall back to Staunton or some place else. I expect to get a furlough after while. they have given one man out of each company a furlough except one and two goes out of that one. the married men are to go first. Corporal Wm H Fry got a furlough and started this morning for home. as soon as he comes back some one else will go. six days is Fry's limited time. I suppose after he comes back one will go out of each Company every day or two. it is said that the Yankees have taken possession of camp Allegheny since we left and that it was about 400 at Monterey. the Churchville Cavalry Rockbridge Cavalry and Pennsylvanian Cavalry Scout between here and Monterey. We heard a great many news about the fight down the valley and that the 5 Va regiment was cut all to pieces. I suppose it fared the worst as it covered the retreat. the last news we got here of the fight is supposed to be correct that there were about five hundred of our men killed wounded and missing and about fifteen hundred yanks killed wounded and missing. if that be so it was still a dear bought battle to them. it is said not to be many Yankees on cheat Mountain now that they are working around to other points. our boys are in good spirits and are ready to meet the foe any where and believe we can whip them out. I comply with your request in the last written side of your letter. I will do all I can. it will suit me better that way then any other. I am well and hope these few lines may find you and all the balance enjoying good health. I want you to write as often as you can especially when you return to the army and let me know how you are getting along and I will do the same. dont forget to give me your address. excuse this badly written letter. so I will close.

Yours Respectfully

Adam W Kersh

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