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Augusta County: Adam Wise Kersh to George P. Kersh, January 1, 1863

Kersh writes about subjects ranging from substitutes and enlistments to battlefield losses.

George P. Kersh

January 1st, 1863

Port Royal, Caroline County, VA

Dear Brother

I again take the opportunity to write you a few lines. I received a letter dated 22nd November on the 8th of December directed Co G instead of F Stating that you had got a substitute for me and did not get him in an account of him not stating to his age correctly and answered it right off. I dont know if you got it or not. I also received the one you wrote on the 7th of December on the 28th it being 21 days else I would have wrote sooner. D A Plecker arrived at our camp about the 18th December and I got my cloths all right. he said that Harris had gone to Richmond to try for a substitute for me and that he had been bothered very much this trip oil account of us being he had sold out before he got to us. I would have sent a letter with him but did not have time. he said he was going straight on to Richmond for more goods.

Captain Bunigardner they will take a boy from [unclear: 10] to years old man over 45 good in the Neighborhood of two thousand dollars for a substitute as I dont think that I could get one for less now. As I stated in my other letter that you might make a trip or so yet or get some one to tend to it you have done and dont succeed about 10 days. We had orders to put up shanties those that tents. our Co. has tents now. we have two large ones and some small Yankee tents.

We can make out pretty well this winter I think now. We had pretty weather ever since the fight a day or two. The weather is not as cold here as it is in old Augusta. We got in the fight on the 13th December thats our Brigade. Our Brigade escaped pretty well. it was about 80 killed and wounded in our Brigade. we had eight wounded in our regiment. amongst them was Captain Dabney. he has died since of his wound. he was shot through the hip with grape shot. Our Captain had his coat tail torn also with a grape shot. none of our Co was hurt in the fight. But in a day or two after the fight in coming off picket one of our company was shot in the arm by the name of Mayfield.

I was on scout Christmas. eleven of us had orders to scout around the neighborhood to take up stragglers that were loitering without proper authority. we had fine times. we got gingerbread and turnips. plenty in our [unclear: round]. we are enjoying ourselves pretty well to day. Newyear it is a pretty day here. we have still some gingerbread to eat but we have to buy it. As I have no news of importance and you have received the news of the fight I will close. this leaves me well and I hope

As I have no news of importance and you have received the news of the fight I will close. this leaves me well and I hope you are all enjoying good health. I wish you all a happy

Yours Respectfully

AW Kersh

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