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Augusta County: Adam Wise Kersh to George P. Kersh, March 8, 1863

Kersh talks about camp life and exchanges with Yankee pickets.

George P. Kersh

March 8th, 1863

Near Fredericksburg, VA

Dear Brother

I take the opportunity to write you a few lines to let you know that I am well and hope these few lines may find you all in good health. We moved away from our Camp near Port Royal on the 3rd. we moved about 10 mi. We are Camped about 2 miles from the Depot Hamiltons Cross and about 3 miles to the battle ground nearest place.

We moved in quarters that North Carolinians had occupied. they moved back where we come from. We have comfortable quarters here nice camp and water handy. we can see the Yankee tents shining from here. no signs of a fight now I believe. Jacob Sheats arrived here on the [unclear: 4th]. he said our boxes were at Guinea Station his son Samuel in charge and that they would be sent to Hamiltons Cross that evening. So we hired a wagon and had them hauled in Camp that evening safe and sound. The box you sent me is a splendid big one for which I send you my sincere thanks.

I received the letter you and Louisa wrote me a few days ago but did not have a chance to answer yet. In regard to renting the farm for six months I agree with you There and if you want to buy my share you can have it. I would rather sell to you then any one else. Our boys come of picket to day. we stay 3 days on picket since we moved here. I stayed in camp this time to keep to guard the prisoners. it is about 7 miles to where we picket from here. Jacob Sheats expects to leave here tomorrow. I send this with him.

Excuse bad writing on bad Confederate paper. write and let me know how you get along at home.

Yours Respectfully

Adam W Kersh

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