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Augusta County: George P. Kersh to Adam W. Kersh, January 25, 1862

Kersh writes about work and about sickness at home.

Adam W. Kersh

January 25, 1862

Mount Crawford, VA

Dear Brother

I again seat myself to inform you that we are all tolerable well my children I fear are about to take the whooping cough they all take coughing spells except Martha Mother, Jane & myself are well and I hope when these lines reach you they may find you well we have a snow here now about four inches deep it fell yesterday 24th. today is pleasant Sunshine R. F. Lisner & Ambrose Moyers are now at home on furlough Bob staid all night with us. today he is making a pair of wooden stirrups in your shop I have not worked in the shop three hours since the middle of July consequently I keep it locked after I came from the mountains I found it necessary to take that precaution your tools are all safe and in the order you left them except a few not very valuable ones which were hooked Whilst we were in service I have a boy now hired by the name of Geo. A. Back son of James sixteen years old he is a great help to me I had expected to have been out there to see you and my friends and acquaintances before this but did not meet with the chance however I will now state that Samuel Plecker and myself will come out there in a few weeks in my one horse wagon and bring you some rations along that we think you stand in need of

I Received your letter some eight or ten days ago you stated you wished me to tend to that affair between yourself and H Frye I have done so. Mrs. Hary Fry Paid Esq.Fulton $142 independent of the note or bond of John Craun's consequently Harry Fry now owes $42 on his lot Esq. Fulton holds the Bond of John Craun it is now left to you whether I shall take Craun's Bond back or leave it in Fultons hands the other Bond that Fry has taken and paid Click I know nothing about. you and Fry for that I seems that Fry is now quite able to pay for his lot I wonder if he made any of that money by gambling. Esq. Fulton explained the case to me about the lot you are safe I think in every respect In your next letter I want you to State whether this affair was transacted as you wanted it Samuel Whitmore said I must write to you to inform you that he wishes to settle for his yearly Rent if you wish me to tend to it I will do so We are looking for you home now every day on furlough you must come as soon as you can Aunt Easter Landes is still poorly and in feeble health I must now close excuse this hastily written letter

Your Brother

George P Kersh

P.S. Grandmother says she is just tolerable well you stated in your letter that you would like to have A shirt or two have got you two one is a cotton flannel one we tried in Staunton and in Harrisonburg but could get nothing else but cotton flannel and as soon as we get a chance we will send it to you Papay and Mr. Samuel Plecker talk of coming out in a week or two I want you to get a furlough as soon as you can I would like to see you very well if you need any thing you must write

Dear uncle I must tell you that I received your letter and was glad to hear from you Mr. Evers is here now and he says I must tell you he sends you his best respects and wants you to come home and play the fiddle he is still teaching school his school is increasing very much Louisa says I must tell you that she would like to see you Georgianna says she is going to take old roach and come and bring you home tell cousin Jacob Craun that we are all tolerable well

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