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Augusta County: Adam Wise Kersh to George P. Kersh, May 24, 1863

Kersh provides a second account of the battle of Fredericksburg.

George P. Kersh

May 24, 1863

Fredericksburg, VA

Dear Brother

I received your letter on the 22nd and was glad to hear from you all at home. We have a good many troops camped about us here. It is thought that the Yankees intend to try us again here

Since they found out that Jackson is dead It is said that they appear keen to try us again It is true we have lost a good General but we still have a few more smart men left let them come I dont believe that they are as anxious to fight as they let on to be Just mere talk they have the advantage of us at Fredericksburg on account of the big number of siege guns they have planted there As long as they are under shelter of them they can talk large Just let them advance and we are ready for them we got a great many guns knapsacks shovels picks and such things in the last fight They been sending them off from the depot Hamiltons Crossing ever since the fight It is a detail made in our regiment of about twenty five men every day to help unload and load the cars It is also details made out of other regiments in our Brigade to stand guard and fatigue duty It is a good many old suttlers at the Station They sell very high too beans one dollar a quart one dollar for about a quart of irish potatoes and other things in proportion It is Adam Wiseful warm here now has been for several days we have no shade the timber has all been cut for firewood We expect to move out of our cabins in a few days about a half mile in the woods in the shade

We have tolerable good water here but not as Good and cool as in Augusta Our Mess got ourselves good little tents and knapsacks and blankets in the last fight it was thousands of old united States blankets and little tents scattered over the battle field I sent a letter by John Hale to male in Staunton or Sidney which I suppose you have received by this time

You were speaking of coming down I did not look for you as you have nobody capable of attending to your business and a busy time too You were speaking of Cavalry taking quarters in my house I have no objections so long as they act like gentlemen You were speaking of the people being panic struck and come flocking through Mount CrAdam Wiseford by the thousand I do hope that we, our men, will be able to put the thing through soon and that folks might go home and have some peace Fredericksburg is pretty much torn to pieces with shells the most of the citizens have moved Adam Wiseay a great many houses has been entirely destroyed

Me and some of the boys took a walk over the battlefield at Fredericksburg before the last fight we could see plenty of old half decayed Yankees some with their heads sticking out arms hands and feet sticking out it was Adam Wiseful sight to behold

As I have nothing much to write about I will close I am well and hope these few lines may find you all in good health your affectionate Brother

Your affectionate brother

Adam W Kersh

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