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Augusta County: Adam Wise Kersh to Josephine Kersh, September 29, 1863

Kersh writes to his niece about recent battles and discusses life at home.

Josephine Kersh

September 29, 1863

Summerville Ford, Orange County, VA

Miss Josephine

Miss Josephine I seat myself to write you a few lines as I have not written you a letter for some time We are still camped on the Rapidan river at Summerville Ford We guard the ford and picket along the river The river is the line between Orange and Culpepper us and the enemy The Yankees have advanced their picket lines the distance between us is about five hundred yards at places They have also reinforced their picket The picket dont fire on each other now They hollow at each other sometimes and sometimes exchange news papers It is against orders but they will do it Our brigade and Hokes guard Summerville Ford Hays brigade guards Raccoon Ford a mile below here Gordons Brigade (Gen. John B. Gordon) is about a mile above here Our Camp is about a half mile from the river behind a big hill if we want to see blue bellies all we have to do is to walk on top the hill and we have a fair view of the Yankee picket lines Camps wagon trains we have a good position along the river here we have the heights We have ditches and rifle pits thrown up here I dont think they will attack us here as we have a good position We got orders last night to keep two days rations cooked a head which is a pretty good sign for a move of some kind soon It was a cavalry fight, on the 22nd near Madison Court house our cavalry repulsed them drove then, back across Robinson river with little loss on our side Stewart fought them it was reported that the Yankees got him which is false

They have been giving some furloughs this summer but it is stopped now one out of our company got to go home on fifteen days furlough if they commence giving furloughs pretty soon this fall I may get home on furlough this winter sometime if I have luckAmbrose Moyers Cal Frazier and James Plecker were here to see us since we been camped here several times their camp is not far from here They were well Ambrose talks of going home soon his horse is lame Two boys that were severely wounded in our company at the Sharpsburg fight arrived here lately William Stover and Edward Anderson David Snell is also got back he was wounded in the Gettysburg fight slight Sam Atgenbright Bill Sheets and Joe Fauber were sent to the hospital before we moved to the Camp Lieut. A H Craun is here sick he will be sent off to some hospital if he dont get better soon Frazier Missner Cupps Junius Craun Jacob H Craun and the balance of the boys in our company are well I would like very much to see you all at home I am well and hope these few lines may find You all in good health I will close by sending you one and all my best respects

from your uncle

Adam W Kersh

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