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Augusta County: Silas Jones to George P. Kersh, December 19, 1863

Silas Jones shares his inner throughts about Christmas, 1863, to his friend George Kersh and suggests that he and Adam Kersh may receive a furlough later in the winter.

George P. Kersh

December 19th, 1863

Orange Court House, Orange County, VA

Dear Friend

I am most happy to have this opportunity to write you again Christmas is near at hand & today finds me in the cold We are building winter huts but I am afraid that I will not have a cabin to go in to at Christmas. [illeg.] working hard to get it done I had hoped to spend this Christmas with you all but there is no such thing as that now. Adam will not get off either I wish he could get off but he and I will both get furloughs before the winter is over if they continue to give furloughs. I gave Adam the [illeg.] and butter the first day after I got to camp while on picket I had to go on picket the next morning I got here [illeg.] on the river toward Fredericksburg They awaited the enemy in rifle pits but instead of advancing they retired - as usual I saw Add the other day & he is well and hardy. he looks fine much better than he did when I left the night before he had a good reason George I am proud of my shirt that Josie made I appreciate your gift very much and in return I shall give you a barrel fife made by my own hand if all goes right when we get into our cabins I have & get out of the cold George these are fifing times with us all the boys have their fifes but myself I have not seen it smoking All are cheerful & gay with their fifes I am on guard today & what a time I will have musing about the just & penetrating the future You will not understand this phrase unless I explain it When I am on post my mind is - out from every thing else & I can study all & my mind - - - I build great air castles I soar aloft in ecstasy of sublime Tell Jane the butter she gave me done a great deal of good after I got to camp Give Josie and Louise my regards & tell them to write to me George send them to school if you can consistently for an education is - - - to all a Happy Christmas to you all I am well

Your affect friend

Silas Jones

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