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Augusta County: Adam Wise Kersh to George P. Kersh, March 12, 1864

Kersh tells his brother about life in camp and the burdens of military duty after his recent furlough.

George P. Kersh

March 12, 1864

Orange County, VA

Dear Brother

I take the present opportunity to write you a few lines to let you know how I am getting along I arrived in camp about Seven 0 clock in the evening much sooner than I had expected the cars made good time I found the boys in our new camp cabins all complete and comfortable They moved in them five or six days before I arrived I found the boys in F all well and in fine spirits And about the first question asked after how do you do how did you enjoy yourself at home was have you got your old fiddle along I told them I had I had to get it right out and commence playing right off We have a stag dance in one of our cabins every night most It was some fighting going on the day I arrived here the Yankees made a raid for Richmond I will not attempt to give you a description of the fight as you have got the news in the papers long before this reaches you Our Brigade had orders to be ready to march at any time but we were not called out The picket was reinforced

Pat arrived here on Saturday the 5th with the boxes all safe and sound Colonel Skinner had sent a wagon up to the court house for them I was on picket when my box came Our Brigade got orders to be ready to march at a moments warning I was very much afraid that I would lose the best part of my box but that night the orders were countermanded It was a false alarm got out some way All is quite along the Rapidan now and we are in our cabins, enjoying ourselves and doing Justice to the contents of our box John B Nash had some provisions sent him in a box with Rusmisel the box was put in the wagon at Orange Court House but some rascal stole it out before it arrived in camp So they lost a box between them Harey (Harvey?)Craun and Peter Lambert left here on furlough on the 8th Lieut. Adam H Craun and John C. Rutherford also left here a couple days ago on a furlough. It is four out on furlough now in our Co We had several big rains here lately which raised the Rapidan very much It is a river that raises very quick any way and is very rapid Sam and I went a fishing the other day. We caught a good mess duty is heavier than ever on us a heavy picket is kept up along here and a good many in the guard house to guard keeps us on duty nearly all the time Role call four times a day and drill twice a day when the weather will permit So we dont get much time to go fishing Yesterday and the day before was rainy it rained very hard here Today is clear and warm as I have nothing more worth writing about now I will have to close by sending you all my tenderest regards and thanks for your kindness to me I am well and hope these few lines may find you all well write and let me know how you are getting along as often as convenient

Yours respectfully

Adam W Kersh

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