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Augusta County: Adam Wise Kersh to George P. Kersh, April 3, 1864

Kersh writes to his brother about a soldier recently shot for deserting the army.

George P. Kersh

April 3, 1864

Orange County, VA

Dear Brother

I seat myself to drop you a few lines to let you know that I am well and hope these few lines may find you all in good health.

We still picket along the Rapidan we has some very rough weather last month on the 22nd the snow fell about 11 inches deep here we had a good deal of rain to boot on the 30th the Rapidan was very high it was level with the dam They put Patrick Loyd in the guard house the other day for refusing to drill with the conscripts kept him a few days and released him he says he will drill with them if the Captain says so Captain Baumguardner arrived here a few days ago It was a man shot to death with Musketry out of 58 Va regiment on the 19th of last month charges desertion some half dozen times and brought back under guard it is to be one Shot out of our regiment on the 8th of this month by the name of Shomo he was trying to get a reprieve it is thought he will not succeed charges about the same as the 58th man Furloughs have been out down one out of a hundred goes now Junius R Craun leaves here for home in the morning he has leave of absence for 8 days I send this with him he has important business to transact all quiet along the Rapidan today yours respectfully write soon

Resectfully write soon

Adam W Kersh

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