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Augusta County: Adam Wise Kersh to George P. Kersh, May 12, 1864

Kersh writes in detail about the casualties and destruction resulting from the battle of the Wilderness.

George P. Kersh

May 12, 1864

Near Fredericksburg, VA

Dear Brother

Skirmishing all along the lines whipped them on the right May 10th fighting along the lines Yankees charged our breastworks 11 times and were repulsed broke through once but were driven back with great slaughter our loss small They captured our Division Ordnance train to day

Wednesday the 11th Skirmishing all along the lines

Thursday the 12th this morning the Yankees made a great charge on our breast works Jones Brigade gave Adam Wiseay and they got through our brigade was on the reserve we charged them and drove them back they got through at several other places but were driven back again with great slaughter by Jones men giving Adam Wiseay others had to giveAdam Wiseay to keep from getting flanked Wounded in our company in this charge David Snell in wrist but not very badly and Sergeant C Walker in the face not serious And myself very slightly on the head with spent ball is all in our company Our loss in officers is greater than privates according Colonel Skinner was badly wounded in the face Captain Airheart was wounded Lieut. Weller wounded Lieut. Fry wounded and two Paxton lieutenants in Rockbridge Company Captain Humphreys wounded Lieut. Coiner killed Our doctor was killed by a shell while we were supporting our lines Doctor Edwinson We have two doctors with our regiment yet Gibson and Ewings

Nothing but sharpshooting for the last three or four days here we are lying behind our breastworks waiting for the enemy to advance killed wounded and missing in our regiment 78 total 18 commisioned officers 4 killed 10 privates killed dead balance wounded [illeg.]

Some think that old Grant is crossing back but I dont believe if they are fortifying in our front still As you have got the news of this fight long before this I will close I would have written sooner but did not have a chance I am well and hope these few lines will find you in good health excuse badly written letter as I wrote it in a hurry Samuel Artgenbright wishes as to state that he is well let his friends know if you see them

Yours respectfully

Adam W Kersh

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