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Augusta County: Thomas Garber to Addie Garber, December 6, 1862

Thomas Garber tells his sister about his successful escape from a small group of Yankee soldiers.

Dec 6th 1862

Camp Near Gordonsville

Dear Sister Addie

You complain of my not writing home often enough I have not been makeing excuses before this because I have none to make but here lately I have [deleted: had not] not had any paper and today I went to Capt Eskridge and he gave me this little bit. I would like to have been home when Mike was there but I would much sooner come home X Mass & from what you said in your letter I expect to be there then. Dr. Williams got here last tuesday & said the Col would certainly be here on the next tuesday I hope he will how did you like him I like him very much he is a nice man. Dr Burton & Col Burks had a little fuss and the Dr sent in his resignation the Col accepted it & forwarded it this took the

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little fellow by supprise and he beged to withdraw it statiing as his reason that he intended to get a transfer & then he applied for that and in a few days he with drew that so we cant get rid of him which every man in the Regiment whishes to do. Has Capt Balthis resigned or not tell me in your next letter. Where is Mike Company at now. I hird that Earley division was in the Luray Valley I hope it is left there for then the boys will have a chanc to get home X Mass. On the 29th of Nov we had a little fight with the Yanks they had got in between us & Winchester before we knew any thing about it. Old Allen the driver had riden one of the wagen horses out to get some clothes washed when the news came so I put my horse in the wagon and got on the one of the Col and started for Berrysville with the Regiment Major Massie in command we only had about 100 men we cut off a squadron of the yankees and could not get the men to charge them the Major ordered a charge & about half of the men went the flag was in front in that crowed the rest of them stayed

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in the woods the Major ordered me back to bring them up I went back and tryed to get them to come but could not do it they were cowards and would not go they started towards town I went with them and when we got there I hered there was some Yanks on the other side I asked the men would they go with me they said they would so we started of at a gallop and just before I turned the corner I looked around and saw the men going up sneak like the old boy was after them I then determined to see how many Yank they were & report to the Major I went on around the corner and looked down the street and there was a whole Yankee Regiment I had my pistol in may hand I raised it up and fired it wheeled my horse and started up the street 8 or 10 Yanks after me shooting and howling like brave men after one man with a flag, I never run a horse faster in all of my life. And the next morning

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when I got to town I came in by myself with the old flag hanging on my sholders as hungry as a bear (for I had not any thing to eat [deleted: since]for 24 hours) an old lady was at standing at the door as soon as she saw me she hollowed at the top of her voice Oh Sally come here here is that Color bearer & then she pitched in to thus come in sir come in I so glad to see you I was sure the yanks had gotten come in & get your Breakfast I told her certainly & I went in & got a firstrate breakfast so much runing out of town with the Yankees after me. I hope to be with you X mass if not it wont be because I dont want to com for I dont know hardly how much I would give to see you all Good by give my love to Pa Ma Kate & Nellie and Sister Seal & Margie.

Your Bro

Thos. M. Garber

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