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Augusta County: D. V. Gilkeson to Gilkeson's brother (probably Hugh Gilkeson), June 6, 1864

Gilkeson delivers updates about his family, emphasizing news about the children; he also discusses the harvest season and farming prospects.

June 6th 1864


My Dear brother

Your last was received two or three days ago I am happy to inform you that we are all well on Monday night when I got home from town I found Willie complaining seemed to have right smart fever he sleeps in a bed in the dining room and the door into our room stands open about midnight I heard him complaining and went out to see him he was complaining with a pain in his right leg I rubbed it for him he seemed to suffer about half an hour not very severely I laid down on the bed with him and he pretty soon fell asleep I slept there til morning he seemed pretty well in the morning but came down from his school room during the morning complaining of pain in his breast which he said he frequently has had at home it pretty soon wore off and he went back to his school has been quite well ever since. Emma is quite well they both seem to enjoy themselves very well seem to be fond of their studies and are improving Sallie says study a good-deal better than they did at first Emma is very fond of her arithmetick sallie says dont want to stop sometimes when school is out Emma sets very much stooped we are trying to break her of it try to get them all to set straight it is right hard to get Emma broke but I hope we will before long Emma is very much attached to her aunt Mary and me and also to Sallie. We are getting her[deleted: e] broke of her pouty spells she dont have them as often as she had at first I am in hopes she will make a fine singer she is fond of it they sing every evening before

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school is out, I wish very much we could get a piano and give them all music lessons I cant afford to buy at this time I intend to see if I cant get one to rent Mary has been talking of seeing W m Guthrie to see if we cant get [unclear: Marys ] to practice on by the way I dont believe I told you that Mary was married she went off very slily about the time we left home last winter to the west and married Daniel Guthrie and it is said he was sick in bed at the time, strange things happen in the world dont they she is the last one any person would have thought of getting married, We are having very warm weather now and have had since 1st June and a few days before but I have a most miserable prospect for corn the ground was very much baked and came up very badly they are not done replanting, yet most of persons say their corn is dring very well We have as fine a prospect for wheat yet I think as ever we had will have harvest I expect about the last of the month will cut clover about week after next harvest hands are going to be scarce John A Gilkeson [added: and I] have made arrangements to get ours off he buys a mower and cuts my grass I buy a reaper and cut his wheat will join hands, I have been quite well fed some time but feel one of my spells coming on now am affraid I will suffer for a few days, I got some cloth for Willie the other day to make him a summer suit his aunt Emma is making it on her sewing machine Andrew talks of coming out this week will bring it out with him if he dont Willie will go in Saturday for it Billy Guthries [unclear: Hall] came over this morning and cut out a pair of shoes for him the old fellow make a right nice shoe and he needs a nicer shoe [unclear: for] his new clothes, I will stop now for a while as school is just out and children [illeg.] coming [unclear: for] a play I dont believe they will ever get tired of that part of their education. I weighed and measured Willie his birth day his weight was 681/2 lbs without shoes & stockings his height was 4 ft 43/8 in. nearly over 1/4 hardly 3/8 in his bare feet, You ask for Andrews health it is good now has gotten entirely over his cough, Rob Bickle has a lot and is putting up a neat house on it and expects I think to sell it to A and I expect [illeg.] will buy it he offers to give 10 years to pay it in expect his price will be about $5000 which is not high the [added: way] property is selling no [unclear: person] here seems to have any fears of confiscation My paper is full and must stop give my love to Carrie when you see her am sorry that mary is [unclear: so] poorly [onto side of first page] Love to all enquiring friends

from your attached brother

D V Gilkeson

Let me know how your wheat turns out

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