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Augusta County: E. (Elen?) Martin to Reverend H. Brown, March 30, 1865

Martin discusses the distribution of religious tracts to troops. He also laments the poor treatment of returning Confederate prisoners in Richmond.

March 30th 65

Augusta CoVa

Rev H Brown

Sir I take this opportunity of thanking you for the excellent selection of tracts you sent me I have read many of them and think them excellent, The soldiers appear glad to get them I hope they will be read by many and be the means of doing good I always request those to whome I give tracts to give them to others when they have read them, I have some of them yet perhaps as many as I may be able to distribute for a month that will depend very much on the movements of the army near us. I again ask the favour of another bundle when it may be convenient for you to send them. I send you $400 which I place at your disposal to be used in the way you think will do most good

There is one thing I must tell you. Some of our returned prisoners complain of the treatment they meett with in Richmond They say they came there destitute of money and could procure nothing to eat without it, If this is true it is discourageing to our soldiers who have suffered [added: so] much in Yankee prisons to meett with such neglect at home I suppose Government has made provision for our prisoners But it may be through some neglect some are left to suffer If you are situated so near the Landing as to have an opportunity of observing our prisoners and see such please relieve them We are now looking for some of our Providence and Shemariah boys T Smiley H Wright of Beard F Meatcheon If you should see any of the above named destitute please furnish them with the means of procureing such things as they need If you have not funds in your hands at the time they may come and you expend any thing for their comfort Let me know and I will refund it. I do not wish you to keep this money waiting to see if they will need it But use it in any way [added: you] wish for doing good Brother sends $100 which he places at your disposal to be used in the way you think will do most good Nothing more

But remain your true friend

E Martin

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