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Augusta: Robert Yates Ramsey to Maggie, October 17, 1864

Ramsey writes from a prisoner of war camp in Maryland. He describes his health and notes how he is comforted by his faith. He notes his wish to be among friends and asks forgiveness for an unspecified action.


Monday oct: 17th 1864

Prisoners Camp, Point Lookout Md.

My Dear Friend Maggie:

Though suffering this incarceration within the prison - walls of Pt. Lookout - thoug banished from [unclear: friends] and [added: the society of] much loved ones, I rejoice to feel the assureance that God is with us, and, we hope, will turn back our captivity when we are sufficiently humbled - that we may meet once more the kind - the sweet embraces of our dear relatives, and friends. But we would not forget the sweet words. "Not very will but thine be done. I wish I could be allowed to write as much as I wished. I could have much to say to you - This privilege is denied me. But may be, you would ask Why is it that I appear as willing to continue the correspondence which has [added: been] so soon, and unexpectedly, cut short? I would answer now, the same that I would have answered on that ever memorable morning, that it is as motive no less, than a desire to cultivate the friendly relations do not say, "there is none [unclear: ]] in existence between us. With your sanction our correspondence (though it will be rather slow) will continue. I am pained when I think of my uncivil conduct, when in your presence that morning, and also, those complicated mysteries that I had boldness to write [unclear: since] at the expence of one so truely innocent - Let me ask you to forgive me, and not only to destroy these letters, but even tho recollection of them for ever. I can write no more now. I will send you a stamp all I have. Brown landed here a few days ago & we both have slight colds, with that exception we are [added: well ] In form my mother that I have heard from Danville and Mr. Kelso - they are well Their school is still going [deleted: ] Their children (two daughters) are well also.

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Direct to Co "B" 2nd Div care of Maj. Brady Provost Mas

Yours &c as ever

R. Y. Ramsey

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