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Augusta: Citizens of Augusta County to John Letcher, June, 1860

This is a petition from Augusta residents on behalf of James McMullen who was convicted of Grand Larceny. The petitioners appeal to the governor and ask him to free the convict.

HonlJ Letcher
Gov of Virginia

To The Governor of the State of Virginia:

The undersigned Citizens of the County of Augusta respectfully represent with your Excellency that at the present June Term of the Circuit Court of our County James McMullen has been convicted for Grand Larceny for stealing bacon & has been sentenced to Three years servitude in the Penitentiary for the offence. Your petitioners without undertaking to give their opinion as to the guilt or innocence of the prisoner (not having heard the evidence) represent that McMullen so far as they can learn has always borne an excellent character & proved a good Character before the Court he is extremely poor & has a wife & two small children who were entirely dependent upon his Daily labor for their support & who must in the event of his continued confinement be reduced to rely upon the Parish for support. Your petitioners think that the punishment of the Wife & Children will be as great as that of the unfortunate Father who in an evil moment has forfeited his character as an honest Man. Your petitioners therefore respectfully ask that, in view of the former good character of this prisoner & of the extreme poverty & suffering which must befal his unfortunate young wife & children Your Excellency will exercise in behalf of Many that Discretion which the law has vested in you & grant to this unfortunate man a pardon.

William Craig John A. Harman
John W. Jordan Thos J Michie
D. C. McGuffin A. W. Harman
N P Cattett S. M. Yost
Od[illeg.]ele Taylor J Bumgardner Jr
McC----- J. H. Varepelt
J. M. Stanly
[name cut off]

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Wm. H. Watts R. H. Herenson
H. S. Aughlin Isaac A. Beerbong
W. A. Abney JP Bledsoe
J. F. Stafford Jefferson Kinney
R. J. Hope S. Waddell
Benjamin Fifer W. S. Sterrett
Sam B Brown Ro L Doyle
Jas Cochran Wm. H. Janopp
W. J Hunter Wm Jordan
Robt. Cowan J F Byers
C. G. Cochran Wm J. Shumate.
H K Cochran P M Byers
Jno. B. Watts
J Oklear John B. Baldwin
S M Woodward Jr
Ach Kinney
James B Gelkeson Lucas P. Thompson. Judge of the Circuit Court of Augusta
Enoch W. Whisman.
E. T. Allentron
W. M. McPheney Alex F. Kinney, Clerk Crt Ct
Owen Keefe M. G. Harman
John W. Heilbert W. A. Burke
G. H. Campbell
Robert E. Curtis O C Morris
N. K. Funk A. D. Chandler
Tom JH Baylor Edward B Dull
M Woodward H. H. Feck
J. C. Marquis R. Turk
Jno B Evans Geo. A. Armentrout
John Jacoberman
J. N Woodward Wm H Garber
Hugh W. Sheffey Abraham Synu
L. Bumgardner J A McClung
R Hawkins

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