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Augusta: Alexander Hugh Holmes Stuart to Ellen Stuart (Douglass) McCue, May 24, 1873

Stuart asks cousin Ellen for information, explaining that he intends to write a history of their family. He outlines some facts about the first Stuart to come to America.

May 24th 73


My dear Cousin Ellen

I have been requested to write a brief memoir of the Stuart family for publication, but unfortunately I have mislaid the memoranda which I once had, & cannot therefore do it in a satisfactory manner. Can you supply me with the facts from your family record?

Archibald Stuart, the original ancestor, lived near Londonderry in Ireland, & married Janet Brown, an aunt of James Brown. He became involved in some rebellion, probably that of 1725, & was obliged to fly to America, where he remained for seven years, until some act of amnesty was proclaimed, & he then sent for his family, & about 1738, removed to Augusta,

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He left three sons Thomas, Benjamin & Alexander & one daughter Eleanor who was your great grandmother

Give me all the details, & dales & names of descendents, that you can collect

We are all well except Gussie, who has been in bed, for several days - Susie is with us. She came last monday, with Mr Gibson, who went, on tuesday to Winchester, to attend Council. He will return here on monday evening - She looks well, & seems very happy -

We were expecting to see you here this month - Have you determined on your plans for the future?

All my folk, would join in love, if they knew I was writing =

Yours affectionately

Alex H. H. Stuart

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