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Augusta County: Annie Harris to [unknown], January 7, 1860

Annie writes a note, possibly a diary entry, on trials and afflictions.

Annie Harris [illeg.] No 5th Jan 7th 1860 Annie Harris

Saturday evening, January 7th, 1860

Resignation under Trials & Afflictions.
Trials & afflictions are common to every age, state, & degree, of mankind, childhood, youth, & oldage all have their turn. We often meet with trials & afflictions, both at home & abroad, but [unclear: we] should try and be submissive under them all. Even when we are at school, and our lessons very long, or hard to learn, (especially when we have them to [unclear: learn] over) we think it quite a hard task; but these are small trials, in comparison with many others which we meet with, while on our journey through life.

To alleviate our afflictions we ought to reflect how much more miserable we might be than what we are. Tis true we have to encounter many severe afflic

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tions, such as being visited by the messenger of death, and a great many others; what a trial this is to part with one of our nearest and dearest friends, but when we considder that it is our heavenly Father's will, we should be submissive, and try to be prepared for meeting them in a better world where afflictions and sorrows never enter. The chief source of consolation should be that all our afflictions are known by God, and appointed by him.

Annie E. R. Harris

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