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Augusta County: James H. Trotter to Michael Wise, September 11, 1868

James Trotter writes to his uncle about arrangements for the gravestone of another uncle.

Hot Springs, Bath County, Va. S.C. Tardy & Co., Proprietors, J.A. McClung, Manager, J.E. Williams, M.D., Resident Physician Michael Wise

Sept 11th 1868

My dear Uncle,

I left with Mr. [unclear: Rivencomb] at the Warm Springs some cement to fix to tomb stone to Uncle Henry grave. tell the man that is to fix it to call and get the cement or you can get it when you come to the Warm. Pa & Ma arrived here safe this morning. Ma is well but Pa is complaining of rheumatism a little. All the famaly join in love to Mary & Andrew and your self. We expect you all at Staunton in Oct. to the fair.

I remain your devoted nephiew,

James H. Trotter

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