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Augusta County: Kate Trotter to Her Uncle, May 2, 1871

Kate Trotter writes to her uncle to say how sorry her family is to hear about his illness. She also thanks him for sending apples.


May 2nd/71


Dear Uncle,

Pa received your welcome letter last week. we were delighted to hear from you, but sorry to hear you had been so sick. We are sorry you will not able to come to see us this Spring, but hope you will soon be able to come. Uncle Jacob will be here this summer. We have had a great deal of sickness in our family every member has been sick. Ma has been quite sick for four or five weeks, but she is better now. We received the apples safe yesterday, but

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they were nearly all rotten. We are very much obliged to you, for them. Our [unclear: road] this winter has been very stumpy, but we are getting along as well as we have any right to expect, I think. Write when ever you can, we are always glad to hear from you. All join me in much love to you, Mary and the children.

Your devoted Neice,

Kate Trotter

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