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Augusta County: Martha L. Roadcap to Charles W. McGuffin, September 25, 1854

Martha Roadcap writes to her son about the family and life at home.

Bell's Valley, Va. 22th Sept. Paid 3 Mr. Charles W. McGuffin, Greenville, Augusta County, Va Mr. Charles W. McGuffin

September 25/54

Dear Son

I seat myself to night to answer the letter I recd from you a short time since we are all well and have been since you were at home. I was glad to hear from you and to hear that you had gotten home safely. Your Uncle stayed one night with me when he was over your Aunt Polly has not been here to see me yet nor I don't expect she will come. I got a letter from John last week he is well he has left [unclear: Thermund] and gone into the store with Mr Paxton at Clifton Forge. I havent much news to write people in the neighborhood are generally well, Phebe and myself were at your old friends Joseph Bells last friday they are all well. Sarah Ann and Mary have gone to school. Mr Bell has employed Phebe to teach up there this fall she will she will board half her time at Joseph's and the other half at Wms. I still have my visit in view and I want you to have my quilt pieces gathered up if there is any made if not tell your Cousins to make them do not forget to write to me soon Mother Roadcap sends their love to you give my love to all inquiring friends and receive a portion yourself.

Nothing more but remain your afft Mother

Martha L. Roadcap

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