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Augusta County: Alexander H. H. Stuart to Frances Peyton Stuart, January xx, 1861

Alexander H. H. Stuart writes to his daughter, Frances Peyton Stuart, concerning the secession convention and a recent visit by Fanny's aunt and the Misses Peyton. He speculates as to who will be elected to represent Augusta County in the secession convention.



My dear Fanny

I am much indebted to you for your letter -- It relieved my mind in regard to the children, who, I hope are by this time quite well.

I received no Staunton paper last night & therefore am quite in the dark as to what our people are doing in Augusta-

When I first arrived in Richmond I found the most alarming excitement prevailing, which threatened the most disastrous results -- All direct opposition was fruitless. We had for the time, to give way -- [unclear: Gradually] however we gained strength, & now I think the conservative party is in the majority & will be able to prevent any further mischief -- It will now be for the people to decide what shall be the character of the convention to be elected on 4th Feby. I sincerely hope the union party will succeed in electing a majority against secession-

The weather here has been dreadful -- yesterday morning it cleared off beautifully, & it was a charming day -- Today is also mild, bright & beautiful -- I hope you will induce your mother to ride on

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the McAdamised road -- She is so negligent of her health, that it is necessary for you & your sisters to stimulate her to "make an effort-

[unclear: Howe] Peyton is here, & I presume will return to Staunton -- The unsettled condition of the country is the reason he assigns for failing to go to Texas -- He is a decided secessionist -- He says he spent Xmas at Mr Towles's & that Mr Towles has been elected a secession delegate to the Louisiana Convention --

I still hope there will be an accommodation of existing difficulties on the lines of Mr Crittenden's propositions -- The joint committees, of which I am a member, agreed, last night, to report that in the opinion of Virginia Mr Crittenden's plan would be satisfactory --

The Misses Peyton & your aunt Susan came up to the Capitol this morning -- The girls are looking very blooming & pretty -- I have not seen much of them, as I have been very much engaged -- Mrs Thompson & party will leave tomorrow for Halifax -- She seems in high spirits, & improves very much on acquaintance

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I hope you & your sisters will write to me as often as you can -- It is a great satisfaction to receive even half a dozen lines every day to assure me that all are well.

I hope we shall have a recess of the Legislature in a week or ten days, though I am not by any means certain of this fact -- It would be very gratifying to me to return home for a week or ten days --

I have heard nothing from home in regard to the Convention -- I do not know who will be candidates except your uncle John, & Harman, & Imboden -- As for myself I have no desire to be a member, & shall not seek the position -- If the people desire it, of course I cannot refuse -- I suppose I will get some letters this evening which will give some idea of the state of feeling at home.

Give my love to all the children & tell them all to write to me.

Your affectionate father

Alex H. H. Stuart

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