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Augusta County: Thomas M. Smiley to His Aunt, January 15, 1862

Smiley describes winter camp and expects to be there until spring. The weather is still bad and men are on furlough.


Jany 15th

Camp Randolph

Dear Aunt

I take my pen in hand this morning to write you a few lines to let you know that I am well and hope when this comes to hand it may find you enjoying good health. I have nothing of interest to write. We are settled down in camp and if the present state of the weather continues we will be quiet until spring. Our brigade is on picket;went last Sunday but expect to return this evening. I did not go as my shoes are not very good for snow, and the wet, and muddy state of the roads. Our Generals are not looking for any military movements now I think, as they are giving furloughs pretty freely there is three of our company at home

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on furlough now, and three more expecting to go in a day or two. My turn does not come for some time yet but I expect to get home some time this winter or spring. Mr See has just been around he is speaking of building a chapel near the regiment expects to commence in a few days. It would be much more comfafortable then to attend preaching in the open air It has been rumored that part of our brigade went to the Yankees while on picket but I do not think it so. Yet it would not surprise me if a great many did not desert as the soldier is not getting what is justly due him There has been several days that they got no meat at all and when there is meat issued it is in small quantities our regiment has not suffered any however as we get a great deal from home

T. M. Smiley

I will draw this to a close by asking you to give my love to Aunt Anna and Uncle James family and receive a due share yourself

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