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Augusta County: Thomas M. Smiley to His Aunt, April 9, [1862]

Thomas M. Smiley describes troop movements and battles in Winchester, Yorktown, and Corinth, TN. He discusses bad weather, illness in camp, and election of officers.


Apr 9th

Camp on Roods hill

Dear Aunt

I received your very kind letter yesterday and also the one you sent by J Berry but I had no time to answer it on account of the almost incessant marching and countermarching since we left Winchester. We are getting a little rest now since the enemy have come to a stand at Edinburg Our troops burnt the bridge across the river there & the enemy cannot get across without rebuilding the bridge they have built it up once or twice already but Asheby tears it down with cannon as fast as they build it up

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We have had a hard time since the battle our tents were all sent away and we only got them again yesterday it is now sleeting and has been for three days We have had a great deal of wet weather lately which set hard with our new recruits and the militia there is a great many of the militia sick and complaining while there is no sickness among those that have been in service the last year. The election of officers takes place in our company tomorrow if the day is such that we can be out I have no idea who will be elected captan but I think that

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Lieut Mc Henry will stand a good chance for the office he will be more suitable than Lieut Randolph as he is a man of steadier habits than the latter Colonel Horman obtained a list of our wounded prisoners who are in Winchester James Payne is said to be living and doing well the ladies about Winchester have taken them in their houses and treating them with the best of care We heard that Sam Beard was in the hospital at Harrisonburg but do not know whether to believe it or not as I think he would have certainly written & let it be known where he was. Colonel Raylor received a dispatch yesterday saying that

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the Yankess made an[deleted: d] attack on Yorktown sunday morning & were defeated with a dreadful slaughter & also that the enemy were defeated at Corinth in Tennesee with a great loss in men and lost eight baterries. I think the tide is turned again & our arms will be successful in the end. I must draw my letter to a close. Give my love to aunt Ann Uncle James family and receive a due share yourself.

Nothing more but remain as ever your affectionate nephew

T. M. Smily

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