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Augusta County: Thomas M. Smiley to His Sister, July 20, [1862]

Thomas M. Smiley discusses picket duty and furlough.


July 20th

Camp Stonewall Brigade

Dear Sister

I will endeavor this morning to write you a few lines to let you know that I am well. Hope when these come to hand they may find you all in the enjoyment of good health Mr. Lucas arrived in camp last night he told me that you were looking for me home this week but I will not be there until the fifth or sixth of March if nothing unusual happens. I hope to get there about that time. My time would have come next week. but on Sunday, and I thought that I would rather wait two or three days and go on a week day. Our brigade will go on picket next wednesday I expect, but I do not know whether I will go or not as my shoes are nearly worn out. I had hoped to get them fixed but have had no chance

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If there is any leather I wish you would have me a pair of shoes made. Mr Lucas says you are considerably annoyed by General Imbodens command but it does not surprize me much as his troops are a pretty rough set a great many of them being deserte from other armies, and prisoners from Castle Thunder. I cannot understand why Charlie Berry prefer going among such a set when he could get to a better place and among better companions as for the danger one is not more so than another. As it is nearly night I will close by asking you to write soon

Nothing more but remain your affectionate brother


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