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Augusta County: Mary A. Smiley to Thomas M. Smiley, July 25, 1862

Mary discusses family and farm matters, including the harvest and mill operation.

July 25th 1862

Dear Brother

Received your letter by Billie Fulton yesterday morning and was glad to hear that you were well and enjoying yourself. We are all well at present, though ma was right sick yesterday with headache but is pretty well again Bil Fulton got home Wednesday night about two o'clock and I have no doubt would surprise them all considerably next morning to step down stairs to breakfast. I do not know when he intends to go out

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the caves I suppose not, until General Echard goes back to work. Mr Echard has made the wonderful amount of seventy-five pounds of salt petre. Dont you think there is danger of his getting sick at that work & Mrs Kerr had her shoulder put out of place the a few nights ago pa had to go after the doctor and help to put it right again. but they could scarcely get it in place again. Grovy would not go until morning for the doctor he wanted to dream about the pleasant ending of his havest that is about his bottle. Pa finished his harvest last Monday he had no help [deleted: after] but Jackey one day & Mr York & Billie one He could scarcely get done for people got to coming to mill and he had

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to grind some by the way some have brought some grain for him to grind that have not been patronizing his mill for some time. He had some one hundred & thirty dozen of wheat and about seventy of rye. He has not had any of his grass cut yet. Things are going on in just about the same old humdrum sort of way nothing of interest transpiring in the neighborhood. Capt McHenry was still improving the last I heard and thought he would be able to come home the last of this week. I suppose Bess Kerr will feel considerably elated on account of his promotion. We have not received the letter you sent by mail yet had we not received one by hand we would have been wondering pretty considerably by this time

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We have got a little black boy here of Mr Steele's he is some 9 or 10 years of age We find him mischievious enough too. I don't know how some people stand them. As I have nothing interesting I must close I dont know where to direct to for this reason. Mrs Kerr has just sent a letter down and says her last was sent to staunton and is certain that it was not received.

Dont forget to write soon and often I remain as ever your affectionate sister


I suppose that the boys have nearly all got In by this time I expect John Beard will feel sort of flat if they say any thing to him about staying so long after orders back

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