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Augusta County: Mary A. Smiley to Thomas M. Smiley, July 28, 1862

Mary A. Smiley writes to her brother Thomas M. Smiley about family and farm matters.

July 28 th 1862

Dear Brother

Having a good opportunity of sending a letter by Mr Kerr or Black I seat myself at this time to write you a few lines We are all quite well at present and hope you are also enjoying the same blessing. Mr Kerr starts this evening for camp [deleted: at the] on account of the earnest request of his son. I suppose he intends to take some provisions along. but we did not know of his going till this evening and so we did not have time to prepare anything to send you. if Grovy would have been willing, even to take it which I dont know for it appears to me as if they always act mighty sly about their going or sending anything. I have not time to write now for I guess they will be along shortly. I have no news to communicate. I hope you are enjoying yourself hugely. Pa has commenced cutting his grass this evening. The men over thirty five are getting home at least a great many of them. Andy Lucas has I believe got his discharge I wrote last friday and sent by mail to gordonsville I wish you would say if you please whether you get it or not. For people bring their letters here without directing them to any place & I dislike the responsibility of sending. I have been sending to gor the last few mails & if they are not received I guess I will hear of it. Well the stage is coming and I must close

Your affectionate sister,


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