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Augusta County: Lettie R. Smiley to Thomas M. Smiley, August 11, 1862

Lettie R. Smiley worries about the troops moving in the heat, and discusses local news including hay harvest, milling, church sermons, illnesses, and a case of mistaken desertion.

Thomas M. Smiley

August 11th 1862

Dear Brother

I take the present opportunity of writing you a few lines as we have not written to you for nearly two weeks. We are all well at present and hope when these few lines reach you they may find you well. Mr Lucas got home last night. I reckon Mr Lucas was beggining to get a little uneasy he stayed longer that he expected and did not hear anything about what was keeping him. There hasn't any of us seen him yet but he sent your letter to Aunt Ellen down along with several others. we took the liberty of opening and reading it. We heard yesterday that you had left your camp near Gordonsville and were marching towards Mannassa. I pity you if you have to march this hot weather I think it would nearly kill you This is the hottest weather we have had this summer it makes a person nearly melt; Mr Robert Mc bride died on Saturday of Typhoid fever. and was buried yesterday. Mr Junkin preached up at the Lutheran church yesterday evening which made the third sermon for him that day

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Mr John L Beard was here one day last week he appeared to be very uneasy about Billie. we told him the University Hospital ahad burn up. he wanted to know when we would be writing to you so as to request you to give any information concerning him that is if you knew any thing about him. But he got a letter Saturday from him and is sending him an answer to-day directed to Loringston Nelson Co I think he is anxious to keep up with Dr White. He was talking about them having Billies name down as a deserter. He says Dr White & Dr Smith drew up that detail and General Jackson signed it so it is all right he thinks. Pa has got all his grass cut he cut that and attended the mill. He has right smart grinding to do come [deleted: ] taking grain in that have not had their grinding done here for a long time., William Wright expects to go down to see about getting a substitute for Henry. He has just come here now I dont know how it [illeg.] he got here before the stage. But I will have to scratch this up in a hurry to give it to him

Excuse all mistakes bad writing and spelling and believe me as ever your sister

L R Smiley

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