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Augusta County: J. C. McKerry to Thomas M. Smiley, August 17, 1862

McKerry writes about news at home such as illnesses. He dismisses the rumor he is getting married. The Jack he refers to in letter is Stonewall Jackson.

Thomas M. Smiley

August 17th 1862


Dear Friend

it is with mutch pleasure that I imbrace the presant opportunity of answering your most wellcom letter that I recd on the 15 instant I was glad to here that you was well and geting a long well. I had rather Cum to the Conclusion that you had forgotten your promis a bout writing but I believe that you air a man of truth. what has becum of Jas Mc I hav not hird from him sence he left. I would be glad to here from you all oftan. Well Thomas I Suppose you was in the last battle that Jack had with the yankees how did you com out was you hirt or not

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I hav had no Correct news from the Companey Sence the Battle. I hird that Baylor and Bowers was killed I am truly Sorry that it is too true I hird that the was Sum three or four wounded but Could not learn who the wair except [unclear: John Gabboit] the is so meny reports going that we cant tell what is Correct. you Say that you hird that I am to be married this fall I think Sir you hav bene misinformed about that matter but I unly hope it may be true if it Should be the case I Sirtenly will take Pleasure in Sending you Sum of the Cake but I fear that the is no Sutch good luck as that the Girls all want to wait untile the war is over if that be the Case I dont think that I will Stand mutch chance. Well Thomas I dont think I hav eny news to tell you at this time the is a grate deal of Sickness in the naborhood you Can here of a deth most evry day

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I was at Church to day Saw your Father and Sister thay wair well I tell you I Saw Sum mite Pretty Girls John R Berys hav gon to the springs. I want to goe a day or too ef I Can wish you was here to goe with me Billey is geting along tolarble well he has a verry bad Cold and Cuf but his wound is doing verry well he Cant bair eny waight on it yet Billy Lucas Billy Fulton Jas Brown is here this eavning to See him. I will hav to Stop Scribling for this time hope you will excuse all mistakes Pleas write sune and give me all the news Give my best Love to all the boys and resirve a larg portion for your Self. I remain your sincear friend

I remain your sincear friend

J.C. McKerry

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